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YouTube SEO Tips and How it Work?

YouTube SEO

As we all know that search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most important factors for any website to appear on the Search Results Page, and so far, YouTube has created a new tool called “YouTube Search Console” for YouTube SEO which allows you to manage your videos on Google Search Console in real-time.

This tool also shows your video ranking based on what keywords are getting more organic traffic. It also shows how many times a word appears and how much influence they have over the page rank. The main key thing is to optimize your videos on YouTube to be higher in reach and influence the maximum number of people who watch them. Here in this article, I will share some tips along with the example of Jitendra Kumar, who was one of the pioneers of YouTube back then.

YouTube Search Console

So let’s start! The first tip is regarding title and description keywords and how to optimize them. Before going into details, It would be better if we discuss titles and descriptions for at least 100 words or so.

As you see, there are tons of other things like thumbnails, tags and images that can play an equally vital role in improving the video rank on Google. So now let’s move all focus to title and description keywords. Let’s understand these two points by examples.

Youtube optemization

How to improve title and description:-

In this case, it does not matter what the exact title or story is but what we want to achieve. In titles, we need to add meta descriptions or summaries of the video.

2. Second example from our previous post of title and description meta description
First, let’s cover it with another example of a subtitle meta description. Lastly, just to clarify, meta subtitle has the power to change the text inside the subtitle section. You do not need any such tool, but with one line of code, we can easily modify it and add some metadata that plays a significant role in showing that video on the top page of YouTube.

3. Finally, in the bottom line, there is nothing to be worried about here. If you make your title and summary as good as possible, then the chances of showing your video on YouTube should multiply manifold.

Now you will be thinking how what the meta summary is. Well, a Meta summary is an algorithm that takes your title and summary and performs an analysis of the information to decide which part is accurate and which part has mistakes. For example, suppose we say you have a song named “Mera Bhagya Gaya Hata” in the Hindi language. You make your music video “Mermaid ka shade ya shone (Kathua), Kaali”, but after checking the video in Google’s Video Ranker Tool, we find out that there is no mention of Kathu. Only around 13% is related to the country name “Katha”.

So there is only 1 per cent of the right information with google for your video. So when we try to put the subtitles in Hindi in English, it will not help and will show us the wrong place. That is where meta summary comes into the picture to provide correct information. When we do the same type of searches in Hindi, it gets almost 2 times easier and helps even more in finding the right place from the original video. So it pays big importance in improving the rank of YouTube videos.


So finally, we came to the end of today’s topic. I hope you guys and girls are clear about how to optimize the videos on YouTube, so it becomes visible in the search results. So before using any tool or app, make sure you go through these steps carefully before doing anything. I hope this post was helpful for beginners
That’s it for now! Thanks for reading.

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