YouTube SEO tools

YouTube SEO tools


YouTube SEO tools are great that help to better understand your videos and find them in search results. This also works if you have multiple videos on your channel. I will try to show you some different types of tools when it comes to this topic which will help search engines a lot to find your video on YouTube. Some useful ones but not all of them were created by me, which will be explained in my post about youtube analytics.

YouTube Analytics

Learn more about how youtube analysis works here. I’ll keep it short, and I need to explain basic things. It’s very easy to use, and there are lots of video types.

For example, music videos, comedy videos, sports videos, etc. You can use this, just log in to your youtube account, and select your video type (music videos, comedy videos, or sports). Now we have three options, one of which is for desktop and the others for mobile. If you want to see details, click the button ” view detailed information” in the left navigation bar at the top right corner of your video page (or you can go to settings > analytics) and then select the appropriate tool that you want.

You can play with two parameters: the number of views and time spent on the video. There is also the possibility to enable/disable specific ad placements in your videos (you can choose by using filters). Here let’s see only one parameter in my work: duration. You can change the duration of your video within seconds or hours of your video and even set the maximum time spent on the video.

You can even write your custom script if you like (just click “+” and enter a new script on your screen). But as usual, this page will open on other Youtube channels, so be careful you don’t copy their screen, try to use this tool well and do everything that they said it would do. After choosing the video type and finishing editing, hit save and check out your new video using YouTube search.

YouTube SEO tools...

Youtube SEO tools

Seo Tool – You can use the tool on iOS and Android for YouTube. We have our app called SearchBar on Youtube, but SearchBar is available to users as well. That’s why we had to create our platform and make it look like SearchBar. Search bar on youtube has multiple features to perform different tasks to grow the youtube channel. These feature are listed below.

Content creation ideas and managing it:

  1. The interface for both Desktop and Mobile
  2. Automatically check the content ranking and score and much more
  3. Screencast
  4. Customize your video in any way you want.
  5. Share your video with social media networks and so on…
  6. Showcase your amazing talent
  7. Integrate ads into your video
  8. Create trending Youtube topics
  9. Find trending topics on youtube
  10. Compare your channel to others, try and find your gap and improve your skills.
  11. Discover trends and ideas for video creation, marketing, and strategies.
  12. Start watching your latest videos every day
  13. Make video suggestions for viewers
  14. Read Youtube reviews and blog posts from Youtube experts to know what the current trending topics are.
  15. Analyse your channel statistics
  16. Collaborate with creators on youtube
  17. Track down your favourite creators
  18. Understand your competitors by looking at their channels, hashtag, keywords, and tags.
  19. Keep track of your followers and watchlists
  20. Improve the YouTube algorithm and improve your rankings
  21. Save your progress, history, stats, and other important data.
  22. View your comments, likes, dislikes, or anything you want to see
  23. Watch the latest content from youtube in your timeline and find their success stories
  24. Get notified and get updated regarding trends on Youtube
  25. Try new ideas and see what people do and what motivates them the most at the moment.
  26. Set goals/suggestions.
  27. Play around with templates/designs.
  28. Comment on videos, news, articles, and other Youtube pages
  29. Record your voice-over for YouTube
  30. Update your homepage URL
  31. Upload the video to the youtube page, then upload it on the youtube platform.
  32. Verify your uploaded video.

SEO features of searchBar:

  1. Download the Youtube XML sitemap and add your new video to this map.
  2. Enter the Youtube address and edit the HTML tag in between the links.
  3. Copy and paste all the required HTML code.
  4. Go to the webmaster section on youtube in SearchBar and fill up the form.
  5. Search Bar
  6. Video SEO Suggestion & Optimization
  7. Auto-SEO / Mobile Ads – you can make a good job on YouTube or anywhere else when you have a keyword at the end of your video using keywords. And it will suggest keywords and related hashtags on Youtube.
  8. Add metadata
  9. Use Youtube SEO tools, such as meta description tagger, title tagger, and subtitles maker
  10. Edit your content using Youtube SEO tools and improve it with descriptions and tags.
  11. Explore Youtube analytics to see your videos on Youtube Rankings, Subscrutinise keywords to get your video in Youtube Search results, and much more.
  12. Google Adwords Tracking

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