Apache Server

Apache server: Intro, Structure, Features and Function


Before jumping to Apache Server, let’s have a look at what web servers are.

Web servers are the softwares that provide services to other computers that have connection to the internet. The web server software takes requests from the browsers and serves the requested web pages. Web servers are capable of hosting other types of files, such as images and videos.

The most popular web server software is Apache. It is software that is free to download and use. Majority of the websites in the world uses Apache HTTP Server.

Structure of Apache Server and its Components:

It is a powerful platform for serving web content. It is open source and highly configurable, making it a popular choice for web hosting providers and developers alike. The Apache Software Foundation develops the web server software.

It is made up of a number of components that work together to provide web content to clients. The web server software itself is the core component that handles requests from clients and delivers web content in response.

Other components of the Apache include:

  • Its modules, provide additional functionality to the web server.
  • The Portable Runtime library, provides a cross-platform runtime environment for the web server.
  • The Apache APR-util library, provides utility functions for the web server.

The Apache web server can be configured to run on a variety of operating systems, making it a versatile platform for web hosting. In addition, the web server can be configured to support a wide range of web applications, making it an ideal choice for web development.

structure of apache server.


Some of the features of Apache HTTP Server include:

  • Supports multiple programming languages
  • Configuration to work with different types of web applications
  • Modular design that allows for easy customization
  • Runs on many different types of operating systems
  • It can be used to create websites of any size, from small personal websites to large-scale enterprise web applications.

It is a powerful and flexible web server that is customizable to meet the needs of any website. If you are looking for a web server that can handle small or large scale websites, then it is the best for you.

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The function of Apache server:

The web server is the heart of a website. It is responsible for handling all requests from web browsers and delivering the requested content. Apache is the most popular web server in the world, powering millions of websites. It is open-source software, meaning it is free to use and modify.

Web servers are responsible for handling the requests of web clients, which are typically browsers. The web server retrieves the requested resources from a file system or other web server and returns them to the client.

  • Apache is among the most prominent web servers in use today. It is open-source software that is free to download and use.
  • Apache is a stable and reliable to use on a variety of platforms. It is also highly configurable, which makes it a popular choice for web administrators.
  • Apache is in use to host simple static websites or complex web applications. It is also commonly using in conjunction with PHP and MySQL to create dynamic web pages.

Uses of Apache HTTP Server:

Apache web server is considered one of the most dominant & widely used web servers. It is utilized by large companies & organizations i.e. Google, Facebook, and Amazon, and also by smaller companies/organizations. Apache is known for its reliability and flexibility. It is in use to host websites and web applications. It is also in use to create custom web applications.

Technological view of Apache server:

It is completely free software that enables web servers to serve web pages. Apache Software Foundation created and nourished it. The term “Apache” is a combination of the word “patchy”, which refers to the software’s patchy development history, and “httpd”, which is the name/title of the web server.

It was created in 1995 by a class of developers who were eager to develop a web server that was free of cost and completely open-source. The first version of the Apache web server was out in 1996.

It is a very versatile web server. The apache server is in use to host small personal websites or large corporate websites. It is also in use to host web applications. It is available for a variety of operating systems, including Linux, Windows, and macOS.

If you’re looking for a web server that is free, open-source, and versatile, then the it is a good choice.

Apache Technological view


The Apache web server is considered one of the best web servers in the world. Over 50% of all websites utilizes this server. It is reliable, efficient, and secure. If you are looking for a web server that can handle any task, it is the right choice.


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