With GameFi as a target, PancakeSwap launches a gaming Marketplace

With GameFi as a target, PancakeSwap launches a gaming Marketplace – A great future of web3

Pancakeswap has launched its gaming marketplace keeping GameFi as a target. Their initial game has seen a remarkable outcome from the GameFi community.

GameFi involves gaming applications that uses tokens for fundraising and growth incentives, with projects like Axie Infinity being notable performers in the 2021 bull market. It is an important leap into the thrilling domain of blockchain gaming, powered by the community’s enthusiasm and the endless potential of GameFi.

After launching the first game Pancake Protectors, PancakeSwap plans to introduce more games and welcome GameFi developers to become a part of their growing marketplace.

The Gaming Marketplace, launched by the decentralized exchange PancakeSwap, enables developers to directly create, publish, and update games on the platform, with a specific focus on the niche gaming finance (GameFi) market.

Games in the gaming marketplace

Within the Gaming Marketplace, two games have been released: the well-received “Pancake Protectors,” developed in collaboration with Mobox in May 2023, and the new “Pancake Mayor,” a casual city-building game. The Pancake Protectors game saw significant traction, attracting over 25,000 players in a single day at its peak.

Pancake Protectors – GameFi as a target

Pancake Protectors makes a great entry into the GameFi world with PancakeSwap. Developed in collaboration with Mobox, this creation seamlessly combines tower defense with the competitive element of player-versus-player (PvP) battles, specifically catering to the GameFi community, CAKE collectors, Pancake Squad, and Bunnies holders.

Daily Engagment

With a daily engagement of over 25,000 players at the peak activity, the game has demonstrated outstanding performance. This considerable player turnout underlines the potential benefits of partnerships with game studios and developers.

Pancakeswap is striving for continuous improvement and expansion in their gaming initiatives and improving their gaming marketplace through the feedback of their community.

Pancakeswap and Blockchains

PancakeSwap operates on eight popular blockchains, including;

  1. BNB Chain
  2. Ethereum
  3. Aptos
  4. Polygon zkEVM
  5. zkSync Era
  6. Arbitrum One
  7. Linea, Base

Developers from any of these blockchains have the opportunity to build and launch games on the PancakeSwap Gaming Marketplace.


To conclude, the first step of Pancakeswap into the Gaming marketplace was well received and it has since gained a lot of attention because of the concept of DEX and gaming together in the crypto marketplace is slowly becoming a new trend.

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