Whales Engage in Massive Purchases of Chainlink: Potential LINK Price Surge Ahead?

Whales Engage in Massive Purchases of Chainlink: Potential LINK Price Surge Ahead?

Recently massive purchases of Chainlink by Whales have been observed. Investors and traders expect a massive price surge in LINK. An upward trend is expected in the LINK charts.

Before FOMO creates let me give you all the tea. 🙂

Chainlink whales are once again showing increased activity, but a prompt price reversal may not be imminent. Notably, there has been a significant accumulation of approximately 1,287,492 LINK, valued at $17.5 million, withdrawn from Binance within just three days.

This accumulation, potentially controlled by a single entity, prompts speculation about a potential LINK price rally.

Examination of the LINK/USDT chart reveals a noticeable fluctuation in Chainlink’s market valuation. Recent trading activity places LINK in a crucial position, closely interacting with the 50-day Exponential Moving Average (EMA), a level that often serves as dynamic support or resistance.

The current position below the 50 EMA indicates a delicate situation for LINK, challenging investor conviction.

Chart Analysis

Chart analysis highlights strengths such as recent whale accumulation, suggesting potential buying pressure that could support a bullish outlook for LINK.

Whale activity of this nature often precedes significant price movements, signaling insider confidence or awareness of positive developments within the Chainlink ecosystem.

However, weaknesses are evident, with descending trading volume indicating a lack of retail investor participation, potentially limiting any prospective rally.

Sustaining a price surge for LINK necessitates consistent volume and investor interest, both of which currently appear subdued.

Despite the increased whale activity, LINK’s price remains confined within a narrow range, struggling to break out.

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) sits neutrally, indicating a lack of clear market sentiment.

A robust bullish reversal for LINK requires a convincing close above the 50-day EMA, accompanied by increased volume to validate the breakout.


To conclude, the massive purchases of Chainlink by whales have created optimism in the traders and investors related to the price of LINK. It is expected to surge higher with an uptrend movement in the charts which is currently confined within a narrow range. The price needs to be closely observed as the market is highly volatile.

Note: It’s a research based article not a financial advice.

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