SpaceX executives worried Elon Musk was on drugs during 'cringeworthy' all-hands meeting, WSJ reports

SpaceX executives worried Elon Musk was on drugs during ‘cringeworthy’ all-hands meeting, WSJ reports

The well-known businessman Elon Musk was on drugs. The Wall Street Journal recently published a report on an event in which Musk’s actions during a SpaceX all-hands meeting sparked concerns about his health. Beyond just personal grievances, Musk’s actions have consequences for SpaceX’s government contracts, investor assets, and the future of the US space program as a whole.

Late Arrival and Unsettling Behavior at SpaceX Meeting

Executives at SpaceX became concerned in private due to Elon Musk’s unusual conduct and tardiness. Musk came over an hour late, rambled incoherently for about fifteen minutes, and slurred his remarks until SpaceX President Gwynne Shotwell took charge of the meeting, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Musk’s Alleged Drug Use

The Journal’s investigation explores claims that Musk used drugs, such as ketamine, cocaine, ecstasy, and LSD. According to reports, Musk’s drug usage and unpredictable conduct have been difficult for executives at his firms, SpaceX and Tesla, to control.

Potential Ramifications for SpaceX

Federal restrictions may put billions of dollars in financing at risk for SpaceX, a defense contractor with significant government contracts, if it continues to utilize illegal drugs. According to the study, if Musk’s alleged drug usage persists, about $1 trillion in investor assets, around 13,000 employment, and the future of the US space program might all be jeopardized.

NASA’s Reaction and Company Measures

After Musk used marijuana in public on a podcast, NASA demanded that SpaceX follow federal regulations on drug usage at work. In return, SpaceX promised to train its staff with $5 million in public funds. To address concerns about illicit substances, the corporation also took action, sending in drug-sniffing dogs, among other things.

Broader Impact on Musk’s Companies

The investigation focuses on worries expressed by officials at Tesla and other businesses owned by Musk. In light of Musk’s contentious tweets, Tesla board members have conjectured about his drug usage, which has resulted in an SEC probe and heavy fines. According to reports, Linda Johnson Rice, a former director of Tesla, departed the firm in 2019 for worries about Musk’s actions and drug use.

Musk’s Response and Denial

Musk refuted the Wall Street Journal’s allegation, saying that random drug tests conducted over three years had revealed no traces of alcohol or illicit narcotics in his system.


Executives at SpaceX and Tesla are quite concerned about Elon Musk’s recent actions and his alleged drug use. Beyond Musk’s personal and professional setbacks, there might be ramifications for government contracts, investor assets, and the viability of the US space program. The circumstance emphasizes the difficulties businesses encounter in controlling the conduct of well-known executives and emphasizes the necessity of strong leadership and sound governance.

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