OpenAI delays ChatGPT Voice Mode Release over safety concerns

OpenAI delays ChatGPT Voice Mode Release over safety concerns

OpenAI delays ChatGPT Voice Mode release, which was initially planned to go live for paying customers in a few weeks. But in May, OpenAI revealed an enhanced voice mode for ChatGPT, claiming to be able to hold lifelike and real-time conversations.

Reasons for Delay

OpenAI delays ChatGPT Voice Mode as it addresses unresolved technical concerns, pushing the alpha rollout from late June to July. Improving content identification skills and ensuring scalable infrastructure for rapid responses are key challenges mentioned.

Future Deployment Strategy

The goal of the postponed alpha release is to get user input for incremental enhancements. In the autumn, OpenAI plans to roll out ChatGPT Plus more widely, subject to reliability and safety inspections.

Additional Functionalities Unaffected

OpenAI is still working on developing screen-sharing and video capabilities, independent of Voice Mode. The goal of these improvements is to make ChatGPT more user-friendly and smoothly integrated across various devices.

Controversy and Adjustments

Due to criticism regarding Voice Mode’s voice resemblance to Scarlett Johansson, OpenAI had to clarify and change the default voice. OpenAI delays ChatGPT Voice Mode as it maintains its dedication to providing high-quality, safe items despite obstacles.

Broader AI Advancements

Simultaneously, OpenAI revealed GPT-4o in May, showcasing progress in text processing, vision, and audio. This paves the way for more organic human-computer interactions by enabling quicker reaction times and enhanced tonal and emotional awareness.


OpenAI delays ChatGPT Voice Mode due to technical challenges. It is still committed to improving ChatGPT’s capabilities, even while Voice Mode delays highlight ongoing technical difficulties. As the firm strives to expand accessibility and functionality for its AI-powered platform, it puts user feedback and safety first in its iterative approach.

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