Shopify Launches AI Sidekick Chatbot for Merchants is now in early access

Shopify Launches AI Sidekick Chatbot for Merchants is now in early access

Shopify Launches AI Sidekick Chatbot as part of the company’s “Summer ’24 Edition” improvements. Sidekick, first revealed last year, is designed to assist retailers with various tasks, including generating blog post ideas, creating store reports, and issuing discount coupons.

Functionality and Availability

Shopify launches AI Sidekick Chatbot which is currently active in hundreds of Shopify stores, although it’s initially available only to English-speaking retailers in North America. Shopify’s Vice President of Product, Vanessa Lee, has encouraged interested businesses to sign up for the waitlist for access. There are plans to expand Sidekick’s availability to additional languages and geographical areas.

AI-Powered Product Categorization

Shopify recently launched AI-powered product categorization to expedite product listings. This feature improves discoverability by automatically suggesting taxonomy during product creation. Merchants retain control over the suggested categories and can manually change them.

AI-Driven Customer Service

Shopify launches AI Sidekick Chatbot which assists merchants in handling client inquiries more effectively. Additionally, Shopify offers suggested responses for Shopify Inbox, although merchants currently need to manually review and approve these responses. Shopify is also exploring future AI capabilities aimed at managing client interactions directly.

Expansion of AI Capabilities

To allow retailers to create and utilize AI-generated images in their Shopify admin more extensively, Shopify plans to integrate its AI-powered image generator into its mobile apps. This extension aims to make managing visual assets easier and to produce creative content more quickly.


Shopify launches AI Sidekick Chatbot to further enhance its suite of AI-driven solutions. With these changes, Shopify keeps improving merchant support by utilizing AI-powered customer care solutions, automatic product classification, and AI-driven tools like Sidekick. The company’s strategy focuses on artificial intelligence (AI) and reflects continuous innovation in e-commerce technology by providing merchants with effective tools for business operations and customer engagement.

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