IBM Expands Watsonx Platform Partnerships, New Products, Strategic Partnerships, Global Reach

IBM Expands Watsonx Platform Partnerships, New Products, Strategic Partnerships, Global Reach

IBM expands Watsonx platform partnerships demonstrating its commitment to generative AI integration and mainframe technology. These alliances aim to address issues and improve assisted programming, automation, and application modernization, as highlighted during IBM’s Think event.

Enhanced Coding Assistants and Granite Models

IBM expands Watsonx platform partnerships, enhancing its Code Helper for Z and specialized domains. The open-source Granite code models and enhanced helper technologies are used to modernize programs using COBOL or other antiquated programming languages. These helpers surpass key code benchmarks, making them more accessible and efficient than the Granite models, now publicly available.

Data Intake and SQL Creation

The integration of data from outdated SQL databases into AI tasks is made easier by a new 20 billion parameter Granite model that generates SQL instructions from natural language. For businesses, this improvement improves the efficiency of data intake.

Strategic Partnerships

IBM Expands Watsonx Platform Partnerships with key industry leaders including Salesforce, SAP, AWS, Meta, Adobe, Microsoft, and Mistral. By combining Amazon SageMaker and IBM’s Watsonx.governance, the AWS alliance improves AI model governance for a larger clientele. These collaborations aim to integrate tools across platforms and co-develop models, enhancing the scope and efficiency of IBM’s Watsonx platform.

Open-Source Commitment and InstructLab

By making Granite models available on Hugging Face and GitHub under Apache 2.0 licenses, IBM demonstrated its continued dedication to open-source AI. By working with Red Hat, the InstructLab program encourages ongoing base model development, allowing companies to customize AI models to meet their requirements.

Upcoming AI Assistants and Automation Tools

In 2024, two more AI assistants will be released: Watsonx Code Assistant for Enterprise Java Applications and Watsonx Assistant for Z. IBM also gave a sneak peek at IBM Concert, a predictive automation tool driven by generative AI that will debut in June 2024. AI-driven insights will be made available by this solution to enhance application risk and compliance management.

Expanding Ecosystem and AI Integration

IBM Expands Watsonx Platform Partnerships as it is an integral part of the initiative, it continues to expand its ecosystem by enabling software firms to embed Watsonx features and bringing third-party models to Watsonx. Additionally, IBM Consulting is enhancing its offerings to support businesses in successfully implementing and growing AI.


IBM aims to enhance data management, promote open-source innovation, and streamline AI integration via its strategic partnerships and platform enhancements for Watsonx. These innovations are anticipated to address the challenges that enterprises have when using generative AI technology, as IBM expands Watsonx Platform Partnerships.

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