$6M fine for robocaller who used AI to clone Biden’s voice

$6M fine for robocaller who used AI to clone Biden’s voice

A $6M fine for robocaller, Steve Kramer from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is imposed for using AI voice cloning technology to imitate President Joe Biden in unlawful robocalls. Voters in New Hampshire were contacted during the primary election with a phony message  claiming to be from Joe Biden advising them not to cast a ballot.

Details of the Robocall Scam

In January, a robocall employing a generative AI voice clone of President Biden was directed toward many New Hampshire voters. It was wrongly implied in the message that voting in the primary would prevent someone from participating in the general election in November. The FCC expressed serious concerns about this misuse of AI, emphasizing the risks associated with readily available voice-cloning services.

The FCC’s plan to penalize Kramer is a component of a larger initiative to stop sophisticated fraud. Kramer is charged with 13 misdemeanor counts of impersonating a candidate and 13 felonies of voter suppression. The Attorney General of New Hampshire has indicted Kramer on these counts, underscoring the gravity of his conduct. The business that is charged with making the calls, Lingo Telecom, might be fined $2 million.

Law enforcement and FCC Reactions

The FCC is committed to preventing the misuse of AI in the communications sector, with Chief of Enforcement Bureau Loyaan Egal stating they will take swift action. The Attorney General of New Hampshire emphasized the importance of protecting voters from fraud and false information. In a recent development, the FCC imposed a $6M fine for robocaller for violating regulations.

Consequences for AI Use in the Future

The FCC banned AI-generated voices in robocalls in February to limit fraudulent and deceptive use. The Kramer case serves as a warning to others, and a $6M fine for robocaller was imposed, emphasizing the severe consequences of violating these regulations.


The FCC has imposed a $6M fine for robocaller Steve Kramer, who admitted to masterminding the scam to highlight AI risks. The case represents a turning point in regulation regarding AI and election security.

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