Development Activity in ERC-20 Coins Increases Amid Speculations About ETH ETF Approval

Development Activity in ERC-20 Coins Increases Amid Speculations About ETH ETF Approval

The development activity in ERC-20 coins increases amid speculations about ETH ETF approval. The analytics provider shared insights about the overall market scenario on X.

ERC-20 Coins

The Ethereum network is attracting considerable attention as community members speculate about the potential approval of ETH ETFs. Santiment, a well-known crypto market intelligence platform, has identified the top ERC-20 coins experiencing substantial development activity, coinciding with the SEC’s likely approval of ETH ETFs.

With Ethereum’s network capturing the spotlight among traders as May prices surge and the SEC’s approval of the first ETF looms, here are crypto’s top ERC20-related coins, ranked by significant daily development activity over the past 30 days:

Top Ten ERC-20 Coins with Surge in Development Activity

Santiment revealed a list of ERC-20 tokens experiencing notable growth in development activity over the past thirty days. Leading the list is $LINK, the native token of Chainlink, a renowned tech and crypto platform that facilitates interaction services for blockchain entities using external data.

The second spot is held by $SNT, the native token of Status, a decentralized and open-source crypto communication application that includes a browser, wallet, messenger, and community features. According to Santiment, $ETH (Ethereum Foundation’s native token) ranks third based on development activity over the past 30 days.

In fourth place is $MANA, the native coin of Decentraland, a virtual world that empowers creators. Following this, $AUDIO, an ERC-20 token used on the Audius platform, takes the fifth spot. Audius is a music streaming platform that offers ownership and monetary power to artists.

Santiment also listed $SUSD, a stablecoin backed by crypto assets and issued by the decentralized finance platform Synthetix. Another Synthetix token, $SNX, also made the list.

Holo, The marketplace

Holo, a marketplace for hosting distributed cloud services for peer-to-peer apps, has seen increased development activity for its $HOT token. The native token of the decentralized company API3 ranks ninth. Lastly, the Graph protocol’s $GRT token occupies the tenth position. Santiment emphasized that this information would help traders and investors navigate potential risks in the market.


To conclude, as speculation around the approval of ETH ETFs intensifies, ERC-20 coins are witnessing a significant uptick in development activity. This surge, highlighted by Santiment’s insights, underscores the dynamic nature of the crypto market and provides valuable guidance for traders and investors navigating potential risks.

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