Will Manta Network Thrive or Experience a Downturn?

Will Manta Network Thrive or Experience a Downturn?

Manta is a recently launched coin by Manta Network which has gained a lot of hype since its launch. Currently, it is valued at $2.72 with a market cap of $683.72M with a 7% price drop. The traders and investors have been forecasting Manta Network’s future and considering whether it will thrive or experience a downturn in the long term.

Forecasting Manta Network’s Future

Manta Network reached its peak value on January 28, 2024, hitting an all-time high of $3.87. The current market sentiment is bullish, with a Fear & Greed Index reading of 60 (Greed).

Price Analysis for MANTA

Manta’s price faces challenges in gathering buying demand, displaying a bearish pattern around $3.2. Resistance for Manta is evident at $3.2, while support for MANTA/USDT is at $2.64. The latest analysis indicates bearish pressure around $3.2, with buyers defending a decline below immediate support.

Analyzing the 1-day chart, MANTA’s price experienced a bearish rally after failing to surpass $3.2. The 24-hour volume surged to $78.6 million, indicating increased trading activity.

The current price is $2.7, marking an 8.4% decrease in the last 24 hours. The RSI-14 trend line suggests a decline in momentum, while the SMA-14 level hints at upward volatility in the next few hours.

Future Expectations for MANTA Price

The hourly chart suggests bearish efforts to prevent an immediate surge. If MANTA breaks above $3.2, it may rise to touch the resistance at $3.9. Failure to initiate a surge may lead to a drop below the immediate support line at $2.64, resulting in a correction to $2.12.

Recent MANTA Developments

Manta Network faced a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack during the issuance of its MANTA token, causing delayed withdrawals and slowed network performance. Despite challenges, Manta Network has a market capitalization exceeding $600 million.

Price Predictions for MANTA (2024-2033)

Cryptopolitan predicts a minimum Manta Network price of $4.07 in 2024, reaching a maximum of $4.79, averaging $4.19 throughout the year. The forecasts continue with a minimum price of $118.85 in 2033, potentially reaching a high of $134.38, with an average of $122.08.

Coincodex suggests a potential decrease to $2.67 by February 9, 2024, indicating a bearish sentiment. Digital Coin Price anticipates MANTA exceeding $6.07 in 2025 and reaching over $50.55 by 2033.

Changelly’s analysis foresees a range of $8.26 to $10.26 in 2026 and a potential range of $78.00 to $96.46 in 2032.

Manta Network Overview and Recent Achievements

Launched in September 2023, Manta Network gained attention during its token generation event, showcasing advanced technology such as a modular zero-knowledge (ZK) rollup compatible with Ethereum.

Despite a DDoS attack and market challenges, Manta Network has a significant total value locked (TVL) and achieved milestones in scalability.

Manta Pacific surpassed Base as the third-largest layer 2 scaling solution with a TVL exceeding $1.48 billion. The “New Paradigm” campaign led to an $850 million influx in three weeks, resulting in over 540,000 active wallet addresses and 8.2 million transactions.


To conclude, Investors and traders have been forecasting the Manta Network’s future by analyzing the charts. Manta Network’s successful launch has sparked interest in layer 2 solutions and zero-knowledge technology. However, its position in industry rankings remains uncertain, and further exploration is needed to determine its standing among top cryptocurrencies.

Note: It’s a research based article not a financial advice

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