WhatsApp iOS Passkey Support, Everything You Need to Know

WhatsApp iOS Passkey Support, Everything You Need to Know

With the introduction of this new security feature, WhatsApp iOS passkey support may help users to now log in with passkeys rather than standard passwords. Since its announcement in October 2023, this feature has been spreading internationally, offering iPhone customers more security and convenience.

WhatsApp iOS Passkey Support and How They Work:

Using public key cryptography, passkeys create two sets of keys: a local set on the user’s device and a cloud set on the platform. Strong defense against online dangers and phishing attempts is provided by the fact that authentication happens only when both keys match.

How to Enable Passkey on WhatsApp for iOS:

  1. Upgrade to the most recent version of WhatsApp.
  2. Select Accounts under Settings.
  3. Select Passkeys, then click “Create Passkey.”
  4. Use a password, Face ID, or Touch ID to authenticate. Once configured, the passkey strengthens the security of the iOS device’s WhatsApp account.

Compatibility and Availability:

It is suspected that iOS 17 and beyond are supported, while the precise iOS versions that enable this functionality are still unknown. According to Meta, the capability ought to be accessible to all WhatsApp users in the upcoming weeks.

Advantages of Passkeys:

  • Passkeys provide more security than standard passwords.
  • They improve ease by removing the need to input or remember passwords.
  • Data breaches and phishing attempts are difficult to penetrate with passkey authentication.
  • Passkeys are becoming a common security feature on a variety of platforms and devices, backed by well-known tech giants like Apple, Google, and Microsoft.

How Passkeys Benefit WhatsApp Users:

  • Passkey verification improves security and ease of use when entering back into WhatsApp.
  • For authentication, users have the option of using a PIN, biometrics, or face recognition.
  • WhatsApp accounts are further secured with passkey authentication, which prevents unwanted access.


WhatsApp iOS Passkey Support is a big step in the right direction for improving user convenience and security. Passkeys facilitate faster, simpler, and more secure WhatsApp logins, in line with the industry trend toward passwordless authentication techniques. Passkeys are anticipated to gain traction and eventually become a common security feature on a variety of platforms and services, providing consumers with a safer and more convenient login process.

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