Apple Vision Pro decrease production due to low demand

Apple Vision Pro decrease production due to low demand

Apple Vision Pro decrease production as a result of lower-than-anticipated demand. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo disclosed that sales had been cut to 400,000–500,000 units for the year, far less than initial market projections.

Apple Vision Pro decrease production Amid Declining Demand:

The Vision Pro has not met demand despite early enthusiasm. After the US debut earlier this year, Kuo estimates a significant drop in interest, with preorders only reaching 160,000 to 180,000 units. Apple has revised its product plan and adjusted manufacturing in response to its more conservative forecast of demand from markets outside the US.

Sales Projections and Market Outlook:

Sales projections for Vision Pro have been somewhat inconsistent, ranging from 150,000 to 5 million units. For 2024, Kuo projected sales of around 500,000 units. But it’s clear that the Vision Pro only makes up a small part of the AR/VR industry, which is still quite modest even with predictions of growth.

Challenges and Consumer Perceptions:

Despite the device’s amazing capabilities, users remain dubious about its worth and usefulness, especially considering its high price. IDC’s Ramon Llamas highlights difficulties in comparing the Vision Pro to current entertainment and office productivity devices.

Market Dynamics and Future Implications:

After a drop in sales in 2023, the larger AR/VR industry is anticipated to recover in 2024. However, Apple’s decision to reduce Vision Pro manufacturing shows that measuring customer interest and responding to market developments continue to be difficult tasks. This modification may also have an impact on Apple’s next product launches and mixed reality industry tactics.

Global Expansion Plans and Adjusted Roadmap:

Although Apple had made references to going global, the present production cutbacks point to the need to reevaluate global launch plans. According to Kuo, plans for a less expensive Vision Pro model in 2025 could be changed or postponed. Apple will continue to prioritize improving supply chain management and production efficiency; no changes to product specifications are anticipated shortly.

Implications for the Industry and Apple’s Leadership:

Apple is a trailblazer in developing technology, therefore the problems it is having with the Vision Pro might affect the AR/VR industry as a whole. Production and supply constraints highlight how difficult it is to introduce novel items to the market, even if they may affect customer experiences in the future and industry dynamics.


Apple Vision Pro decrease production according with changing user tastes and the state of mixed reality technology. Though it provides a window into the future of computing, the device’s success depends on how well it handles issues with price, improves content offerings, and maneuvers through changing market dynamics. The Vision Pro’s trajectory will continue to impact industry advancements and views of AR/VR technology as Apple modifies its methods.

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