WhatsApp enhances chat security with locked chats, bringing a new feature for linked devices

WhatsApp enhances chat security with locked chats, bringing a new feature for linked devices

Take advantage of WhatsApp’s cutting-edge security features to stay safe and connected like never before, as WhatsApp enhances chat security with locked chats.

The popular messaging service WhatsApp, which Meta owns, is always working to improve consumer privacy. According to recent rumors, the platform is preparing to roll out a new feature that would protect user communications on all connected devices.

Expanding Privacy Measures

WhatsApp has been carefully working on several features in recent months as part of its commitment to customer privacy. These consist of complete encryption labels, restricted conversations, and prohibitions on taking screenshots of display photographs. It’s now going one step further by adding related gadgets to its privacy protections.

Locked Chats for Linked Devices

WhatsApp is reportedly working on a feature that would let users lock chats on all connected devices in addition to their primary handset, according to claims from WABetaInfo. As a result, discussions will continue to be synced and safeguarded across all platforms, guaranteeing constant privacy.

Improved Security with Secret Code

Users will need to set a secret code on their primary device to access protected conversations on connected devices when this functionality becomes available. This extra security measure will provide consumers peace of mind by preventing unwanted access to private discussions.

Unified Experience

WhatsApp’s conversation lock synchronization across devices aims to offer a smooth and cohesive user experience. When a user moves from a smartphone to a PC or tablet, they won’t have to worry about the security of their chats anymore.

Enhancing Convenience

Locked conversations for connected devices will improve convenience and privacy at the same time. Without sacrificing security, users will be able to view their private chats from any connected device.

Upcoming Features

WhatsApp isn’t going to stop there. The site is working on adding username support in addition to the chat lock function, which will make it simpler for users to communicate without disclosing their phone numbers.


WhatsApp’s ongoing attempts to roll out new features and improvements demonstrate its commitment to customer privacy. Users can anticipate a more comfortable and safe chatting experience across all platforms with the future chat lock functionality for connected devices. Watch this space for further information as WhatsApp keeps user security and privacy top priorities.

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