ChatGPT got lazy again,

It looks like ChatGPT got lazy again, OpenAI Updates

Study details because it appears that the most recent OpenAI changes caused ChatGPT got lazy again. Users of OpenAI’s GPT-4 model complain about the model’s deteriorating performance, pointing to problems like truncated answers and query unresponsiveness. GPT-4 is a premium service, but some users have questioned its functionality, calling it “unusable.”

History of Performance Issues

The GPT-4’s performance has been declining for some time; last year, there were indications of deteriorating reasoning and inaccurate answers. Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, said that these problems had been fixed. But the issues continued, so users started looking for other solutions.

Emergence of GPT-4 Alternatives

Users can now choose from other models, like Claude from Anthropic. With the release of Claude 3 Opus, users now have a strong alternative to GPT-4, supported by internet behemoths like Google and Amazon. According to comparative data, Claude performs better than GPT-4 on several benchmarks.

Positive Reception for Claude 3 Opus

Claude 3 Opus has received high marks from users for its exceptional performance, especially in areas like coding and language translation. Even supporters of OpenAI admit that Claude can do some tasks better than GPT-4.

Recognition of Claude’s Strengths

Claude’s strengths come through in useful use cases as well as data comparisons. When compared to GPT-4, users report performing better on coding tasks and language translations. Some even contend that in some situations, Claude is more trustworthy than GPT-4.

OpenAI’s Response and Future Outlook

OpenAI has not formally responded to the performance problems with GPT-4. While some users think about moving to an alternative, others conjecture that OpenAI may be devoting resources to creating the upcoming GPT-5 model, which should be released shortly.


In conclusion, conversations on ChatGPT’s behavior have been triggered by the latest OpenAI developments. The observations that ChatGPT got lazy again draw attention to the difficulties and complexity that AI development still faces. As a user, I’ve looked into substitutes like Claude from Anthropic because of GPT-4’s deteriorating performance. While some people are thinking about switching, I think there is hope for improvement because of OpenAI’s response and the upcoming GPT-5 release. Model competition heralds an exciting new chapter in AI development that will give users more choices.

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