what is the Role of SQL in web development

What is the role of SQL in web development? Explained

SQL in web development is described as an interface to databases in web as it is the most widely used programming language.

This language allows us to perform different functions such as inserting, searching, updating, and deleting values of records of the database. Moreover, it helps in accessing and manipulating data.

On daily basis, many web developers and data scientists use SQL in their professions.

SQL is also used in data analysis as the main function of SQL is to retrieve data from the database, so because of this, it can interface with more than one application and structure. As SQL provides an easy and simple method for accessing and manipulating data, that’s why this language is very popular for businesses including its different domains.


SQL in Web development and their Relationship


For web developers of this age, SQL in web development is an important skill. Web applications of this age work in the process that they need a database on the backend and for the user to get data it moves data to the website. These web applications create, read, update, and delete data. One of the systems that we integrate into a website for relational database management is MySQL.

If you’re making your website to store and get data from the database, the server of your website needs to have access to the system of database that uses the Standard Query Language.

Today people visit different sites, so to provide user-specified data and respond to user queries, the websites are backed by SQL databases. Users’ activities can be easily interpreted by different SQL commands to fetch and update the data because users don’t directly interact with the SQL database.

Web frameworks are used to connect a website to a database. you can additionally install a simple backend as an HTML-to-SQL connection that uses an application programming interface to communicate with the frontend code that generates the website.

To respond to user requests, you should have connected the JavaScript code for communication with API for fetching and uploading the data. And that code should be on the front end. Then for updating and querying the database, the code on the backend will generate the relevant SQL.


Usage of SQL on your website

You need the following things for building a website that will show data from the database.

  • First you need a relational database management system program like MySQL, SQL server.
  • A scripting language on the server side.
  • To get the data that you want, use SQL for this.
  • For styling the page of the website use HTML/CSS.


Role of SQL in web development

Role of SQL in web development

Following are some important roles of SQL in web development

  1. To display the data of the user
  2. Data Mining
  3. Data Management
  4. Data Manipulation


  1. To display the data of the user

Databases are commonly used in developing websites. To display the data of users within that website is the application of it.

Until now, websites used static HTML to display only text and images. By including and considering the unique information and data of different users, websites of these days are focusing on engaging the users.

The website has your personal information when you enter many platforms. This may include your information like DOB, age, name, and all the information that the website has stored in its database. And this displays you on the profile pages.

On the backend of the website, all the web developers work with the database. This is how they display the user information. To display that personal information on the front end they need to access the data of the user that they collected.

That’s why the knowledge of SQL in web development is very essential for understanding the logic that how to retrieve the data of the user from the website and display it on the webpage. That know-how is important for full Stack builders.

To display the data of the user we first need to create the database in the localhost server. Then we create the HTML table that we link with the PHP codes. To connect with the local host and by evaluating different MySQL queries for fetching the data from the database table that is present in our local host server, PHP is used. To start Apache and MySQL WAMP server is used and it connects them with PHP file.

We need to follow the steps given below to display the data.

First, create the database. Then we create the table with the name of your choice. That table consists of four fields username, problems, score, and articles. And these fields contain specific characters or integers.

The table can also be created with the help of code. You paste that code into the SQL panel of your PhpMyAdmin.

Then you insert the collected data into the table. Multiple records can be entered into the table depending on your choice. You can also insert a record by writing the piece of code.

Then you create a folder and files. After this process, you have a database and table with the name of your choice. Then you write the PHP code to fetch the data from the database and then you display the data in an HTML table. After this, you will be able to display the records in the table by fetching that data from the database.


  1. Data Mining

Data mining means that to get information and hidden patterns from websites.

Although this work is related to the data scientist, for web developers, it can be an essential tool.

Predicting user behavior is very useful and valuable in web development and data mining helps you with it.

Understanding and considering user behavior helps you know what they want. The user experience of your website improves when you keep the knowledge of the data that you retrieve, in the record.

As you all know that SQL is DBMS, and it is used for creating and managing servers. SQL helps you in navigating a large amount of data and it provides you an understanding of how to retrieve the data from the web application.

To get the information from the website quickly, SQL easily helps you in it. The queries of SQL help you in updating the data, knowing database activities, identifying specific data after regular intervals, monitoring different tables, and retrieve different information depending on your need.

With the help of SQL data mining tasks like Forecast, Sequence, and Associate are employed to solve many business problems.

We’ll shortly describe these tasks below.


On the basis of many characteristics, it sorted things into categories. Like based on the data of name and age, determines whether the customer is regular or not.


By using different parameters, the process of estimation is performed. For example, the price of the building will be forecasted on the basis of location, size, etc.


On the basis of different attributes, the groups are made. For example, gender.


Forecasting means that across different times predicts a continuous variable or value. For example, to predict the number of customers of the newly made item of the specific brand.


Sequence means to predict the number of times or order of occurrences.


Associate means that in a single transaction to find out the number of common items or groupings. The transaction can be of any kind like subscription, grocery purchase and many more like this.

We all know that data mining is not an easy technique but the commands of SQL data mining it simple to deal with large amount of data for the users.

The following are the few advantages of data mining:

  • It helps in detecting fraud and other credit problems.
  • It also helps in analyzing a large amount of information swiftly for the data scientists.
  • It also helps businesses to make clear and authentic judgments.
  • As it acquires reliable data and information so it helps organizations in operational improvements and cheap and good productions.


  1. Data Management

A lot of websites and web applications are dealing with large, big data on daily basis. This data may include routine emails, user information, etc. So, for a good user experience, those lots of records want to be saved cautiously in locations where the machine can get access to them.

At this point, developers have a lot of options. They can use spreadsheets, or they can use SQL for this purpose. As we all know spreadsheets are very easy to use but they can’t deal with a large amount of data. But if you have any other option for handling large data without creating any problems it would be best but at the same time, you need to care that even the slightest mistake can create big problems for your web application or can give negative feedback.

At this point, SQL helps you because it helps you to deal with a large amount of data without any problem, unlike spreadsheets. It helps you to access data quickly and handle big data also. That’s why SQL stores data in a structured form. With easy access to data, websites provide customer satisfaction completely.

Although there are different options for the version and framework of SQL MySQL is easy to deal with and is the most used. It plays a significant role in SQL to manage the backend data for the website because it is an open-source solution. For data storing and processing solutions all the companies like WhatsApp, and Facebook use SQL on the backend. Query optimizer processed the query when it is written and run. The query then reaches the SQL server where it is further processed or compiled in three phases parsing, binding, and optimization. Details are given below.

  • Parsing

It is a process in which we check the syntax

  • Binding

It is a process in which we check the query semantics.

  • Optimization

For the generation of the query execution plan.

Databases are beneficial for both storing and using information efficiently. A relational database helps for many purposes.

  • It works fast for big datasets.
  • If your new data meets certain criteria, you can re-run the query to get all the data.
  • It helps in improving the quality of every data entry.
  • It helps in keeping the data separate from the analysis. This feature helps make the risk low of accidentally changing the data.
  • This concept also teaches us how similar things can be done by using the programming language.


  1. Data Manipulation

Dynamic websites or web applications for example news web applications need to update frequently. But this process consumes a lot of time because it requires changing and creating a new HTML page every time. At this point, databases solve the problem of the developers. Because databases change and edit the data quickly on the web page.

SQL views, manage, and access the data easily that’s why it is well-suited for data manipulation. It helps developers easily in testing and manipulate the data. Moreover, also the data in SQL is dynamic. So, data can be managed and changed.

The manipulation process makes the data organized and readable by changing the information. Data Manipulation Language helps to accomplish this task. Data Manipulation Language means adding, removing, and altering the database to make the data readable. Because of Data Manipulation Language, we can map and clean the data also. We use certain commands for data manipulation which are given below:


This command is used to query data.


This command is used to insert entries in the table.


By this command, the data is updated in the table.


When you want to delete the data from a table, use this command.

Data manipulation has a lot of advantages which are given below:

  • It provides consistent data in a consistent format that can be structured, read, and easily understandable. When you collect data for your database, the data is scattered then data manipulation commands help you in providing consistent and structured data.
  • It provides the project data which means that it gives deep historical and future analysis which helps organizations a lot in finances. So, data manipulation helps a lot in this process.
  • When you can update, select, insert, and delete data it means you can do a lot of things with data which also makes value. Because pointless data has no value. When you know the worth of making changes to the data you can make better decisions for your business.
  • You can neglect the repeated data but at the same time it is present also you ca use it at any time.


   Uses of SQL in web development

  • Data can be easily manipulated, and data can be inserted, selected, and removed easily.
  • The compatibility of SQL with databases is very high like with MySQL.
  • It provides high security of the data like you can allow anyone to edit, view or do anything with the data on the database.
  • At one time it can handle large transactions and big records.
  • For building a relational database management system it is an open-source programming language.

Final Words

Technology is changing day by day, so to interact greatly with user experience dynamic websites are helping a lot. For the progress of any web project and long-term success, databases play an important role in it.

For improving user experience and boosting sales, dynamic websites are helping a lot because dynamic website has become more interactive.

However, if you don’t know the basic knowledge of databases you cannot build a website. As a web developer, you first need to get familiar with SQL as role of  SQL in web development is the most important one.

In today’s technological world, training in SQL and database management is included for a career in full-stack web development.

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