TikTok is testing 60-minute videos, which could be a big threat to YouTube

TikTok is testing 60-minute videos, which could be a big threat to YouTube

The news that TikTok is testing 60-minute videos could pose a serious challenge to YouTube’s supremacy in the long-form video market. With its beginnings as a platform for extremely brief films, TikTok has undergone a dramatic transition with this move.

The Pilot Program

The new feature was first noticed by social media analyst Matt Navarra, and TikTok later confirmed it to TechCrunch. At the moment, only a limited number of users in particular locations can post recordings for longer than an hour. According to TikTok, there are currently no plans to expand the availability of this feature.

TikTok is testing 60-minute videos

Only 15-second films were permitted when TikTok first began, but this format immediately became popular. The maximum duration for videos has grown over time, starting at 60 seconds and going up to 10 minutes and even 15 minutes for certain authors. This steady rise indicates TikTok’s attempts to maintain consumer interest while its user base shrinks.

TikTok Competing with YouTube

As TikTok is testing 60-minute videos, TikTok can now directly rival YouTube. Longer videos would allow producers to upload more in-depth films, like the lengthy vlogs and thorough tutorials that are popular on YouTube. When it comes to the amount of time spent on the app, TikTok outperforms YouTube, even though YouTube has a higher user base in the US (83% of adults against 33% of adults). It is anticipated that adult TikTok users will spend 55 minutes a day on the platform on average in 2024, which is five minutes higher than YouTube users.

Impact on Other Streaming Services

Longer videos on TikTok may have an effect on Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+, among other streaming services. TikTok already has a lot of brief snippets from well-known films and TV series. Longer videos would entice people to watch the complete series on the site, which might draw viewers away from more established streaming services. For example, the comedy series “Killing It” features a pilot episode that the streaming service Peacock has already posted to TikTok in five parts. Such episodes could be uploaded in a single video with lengthier upload times.

Challenges and Opportunities

Longer films may not be to everyone’s taste, but TikTok is testing features like horizontal full-screen mode and thumbnails that scrub videos to improve the watching experience. Additionally, TikTok has added the ability to fast-forward videos by holding down the right side of the screen. Enhancing user engagement with long-form material is the goal of these features.

Industry Reactions

Google has encouraged its ad sales team to talk with clients about the possible advantages of a prospective ban on TikTok in the US, implying that YouTube may profit from any disruption to TikTok. In the meanwhile, TikTok’s latest addition might make the site even more alluring to content producers who often upload longer videos to YouTube.


To broaden its content options and more directly challenge YouTube and other streaming services, TikTok is exploring 60-minute videos. Although the availability and timing of this function are still unknown, it might have a big impact on the world of digital content. TikTok has the potential to completely change how people watch and produce video content on the internet as it develops.

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