Airtel and Google Cloud join forces for AI cloud services in India

Airtel and Google Cloud join forces for AI cloud services in India

Leading New Delhi-based telecom provider Bharti Airtel and Google Cloud join forces for AI cloud services in India. Through this collaboration, the adoption and modernization of cloud computing will be accelerated, and India’s public cloud services market—expected to reach $17.8 billion by 2027—will be further penetrated.

Airtel and Google Cloud join forces

The collaboration between Airtel and Google Cloud is aimed at utilizing their combined strengths in connectivity and AI technologies. Airtel will train its consumers on its massive data sets using Google Cloud’s cutting-edge AI/ML solutions to provide its consumers with better services. The collaboration intends to offer scalable and safe cloud solutions to a wide spectrum of customers, including one million start-up companies and more than 2,000 major corporations.

Innovative AI and ML Solutions

The collaboration will create cutting-edge AI/ML solutions that are suited to the changing requirements of companies in a range of industries. Important offerings will consist of the following:

  • Geospatial Analytics: Offering sophisticated location intelligence for trend identification, forecasting, evaluating markets, choosing sites, controlling risks, and monitoring assets.
  • Voice Analytics: superior multilingual conversational applications trained.
  • Marketing Technology: Tools for predicting customer behavior, segmenting audiences according to their preferences, and expediting the generation of content with less expensive, highly precise contextual adverts.

Comprehensive IoT Solutions

For the utility industry, Airtel has created a comprehensive Internet of Things (IoT) solution. This solution guarantees a smooth deployment and increased operating efficiency by integrating connectivity, Google Cloud services, and application software.

Enhancing Customer Experiences

Airtel plans to use the generative AI capabilities of Google Cloud to improve consumer experiences for its internet, digital TV, and mobile services. This entails improving customer relations, optimizing internal procedures and operations, and bringing these cutting-edge capabilities to its B2B clients in India and throughout the world.

Managed Services Center in Pune

At its managed services center in Pune, Airtel supports its cloud-based solutions business. More than 300 professionals who have been trained to promote Google Cloud services and create innovative tech solutions are housed in this center. This program is a component of Airtel’s dedication to offering its large customer base top-notch cloud-managed services.

Leadership Insights

The CEO and MD of Bharti Airtel, Gopal Vittal, stressed the significance of this collaboration in India’s digital revolution. According to him, cutting-edge cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies will be at the core of India’s rapid digital transformation. We are pleased to collaborate with Google Cloud to provide safe and scalable Cloud solutions for government, large corporations, and start-up companies to jointly meet this market potential. By working together, we can expedite the implementation of GenAI throughout the nation and unleash its capacity to resolve issues.


Airtel and Google Cloud join forces, this is a big step in the right direction for improving cloud and AI services in India. The partnership is poised to transform the cloud services industry by fusing Google Cloud’s cutting-edge AI technologies with Airtel’s reliable connectivity and distribution networks. In addition to hastening cloud adoption, this strategic partnership seeks to promote efficiency and innovation across various industries, assisting India’s expanding need for cutting-edge cloud solutions.

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