Raspberry Pi collaborates with Hailo for its AI extension kit

Raspberry Pi collaborates with Hailo for its AI extension kit

Raspberry Pi collaborates with Hailo to deliver advanced capability with the addition of the AI Kit, the most recent iteration of the Raspberry Pi, which is well-liked by both industrial and tech fans. This $70 extension kit turns the Raspberry Pi 5 into an artificial intelligence machine, allowing for local inferencing.

Card for HAT+ Extension

The AI Kit uses the “Hardware Attached on Top,” or HAT+, extension card. This card gives the Raspberry Pi an additional M.2 slot. It is connected to the Pi via a single-lane, 8Gbps PCIe 3.0 interface, typically used for PC components.

Collaboration with Hailo

Raspberry Pi collaborates with Hailo, a business that makes AI chips to improve its AI capabilities. AI chips for edge devices are Hailo’s area of expertise. The Hailo-8L is an entry-level M.2 module that fits into the HAT+ extension card and is included in the AI Kit.

AI Capabilities

The Raspberry Pi 5 with AI enhancements can do inferencing at a rate of 13 tera-operations per second (TOPS). Even though this is less than an Nvidia GPU, it is still reasonably priced and uses the same 27W power supply as the Raspberry Pi.

Integration of Software

Raspberry Pi collaborates with Hailo to enhance the capabilities of its devices. The Hailo module is immediately detected by the most recent Raspberry Pi OS, making it easier to use right away. This module can be used by the OS and apps to provide further functionality. Raspberry Pi camera apps may now implement neural network inferencing, enabling features including pose estimation, object detection, semantic segmentation, instance segmentation, and facial landmarking.

Use Cases and Applications

Numerous camera-related and non-camera applications are possible with the AI Kit. It seeks to stimulate creativity and innovative uses within the Raspberry Pi community. Robotics, home automation, security, and other fields are potential uses for AI, which can be applied to tasks like speech recognition and object detection.

Impact on the Market and the Community

The purpose of the AI Kit is to increase Raspberry Pi’s attractiveness to hobbyists and business users alike. It offers a simple approach to applying AI to tasks, encouraging originality and creativity. As Raspberry Pi collaborates with Hailo it marks a significant advancement for their AI accelerators, expanding their influence and scope.


Raspberry Pi collaborates with Hailo to integrate the Hailo-8L module into the Raspberry Pi AI Kit, significantly boosting the AI processing capabilities of the Raspberry Pi 5. This collaboration promises strong, economical, and energy-efficient AI performance, benefiting a variety of projects. The $70 kit is anticipated to become available soon, offering developers and enthusiasts full support.

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