Apple’s First Foldable iPhone Could be Launched in 2027

Apple’s First Foldable iPhone Could be Launched in 2027

There have been many speculations over the last five years suggesting that Apple is developing a first foldable iPhone. According to the most recent rumors, Apple may first introduce a foldable iPad mini. It is currently predicted that Apple will not introduce a foldable iPhone model before 2027.

Market Impact and Challenges

Although it is improbable that Apple will introduce a foldable phone before 2027, its introduction into the market might have a big impact on market dynamics, according to TrendForce. The noticeable furrow that appears in the center of the screen on modern foldable phones is a significant problem that can be annoying when watching videos. Another important part that influences how long the phone lasts is the hinge, which binds the two panels together.

Development and Delays

Apple is still in the early phases of developing a foldable iPhone. Although the business has been submitting numerous patent applications for foldable technologies, it has not yet verified that an iPhone is foldable. According to TrendForce, Apple’s strict standards for screen crease and dependability are the cause of the delay. Apple is adopting a careful strategy, perhaps to avoid the problems that have beset early foldable models from competitors, in contrast to other brands like Samsung, OnePlus, and Vivo, which have previously launched folding phones.

Competitor Landscape

Although the market for foldable smartphones is expanding at the moment, it still only makes up 1.5% of the whole smartphone industry. After controlling more than 80% of the market, Samsung is currently having difficulty retaining even a 50% share due to fierce competition. With its 4G Pocket S, other companies like Huawei are making great progress and have the potential to take up to 30% of the market with their creative designs, such as the tri-fold phone.

Apple’s Strategy and Prototypes

According to reports, Apple is in talks with LG Display and Samsung Display oversupply orders and is developing prototypes for at least two clamshell-style foldable iPhone models. Apple’s first foldable phone is anticipated to have an 8-inch primary display and a 6-inch secondary display. Apple is not anticipated to reveal a foldable phone at its forthcoming Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), despite the hype.

Market Predictions and Future Plans

TrendForce claims that Apple’s tardiness in joining the foldable phone space may not be a drawback. Given the company’s significant market share and devoted clientele, it is likely that once the foldable iPhone is introduced, it will gain popularity rapidly.
Apple is anticipated to make its debut in this product category with the release of a large-screen foldable iPad or MacBook, before the release of a foldable iPhone. The development of a 20.3-inch foldable MacBook has also been brought up by Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. This device is probably going to go into mass production by 2027.


In conclusion, it is expected that Apple will unveil its first foldable iPhone in 2027. Apple is committed to refining the technology and hopes to have a display that is practically crease-free, even with the delay. The company distinguishes itself from rivals with its strict standards for performance and dependability. When Apple does decide to join the foldable phone space, it is anticipated to have a big impact because of its devoted user base and considerable market influence. Fans of Apple will have to wait until then for the company to reveal its cutting-edge foldable gadgets, which might include a folding MacBook or iPad.

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