Ex-OpenAI Scientist Ilya Sutskever Launches AI company

Ex-OpenAI Scientist Ilya Sutskever Launches AI company

Former OpenAI co-founder and chief scientist Ilya Sutskever launches AI company Safe Superintelligence Inc. (SSI), focusing on creating a safe AI environment amid the generative AI boom, as tech giants aim to dominate the market.

Mission and Approach

Co-founder of OpenAI, Ilya Sutskever launches AI company, SSI, with a clear vision articulated in a blog post and a subsequent tweet: the creation of strong and safe AI. SSI aims to navigate the delicate balance between advancing AI capabilities and prioritizing safety above all else. By maintaining a singular focus, the organization aims to steer clear of being derailed by short-term commercial pressures.

Business Plan and Finances

Ilya Sutskever Launches AI company, SSI, which was founded as a for-profit organization, in contrast to OpenAI. The business plan of the corporation prioritizes progress, safety, and security while avoiding short-term financial demands. Sutskever declined to comment on financial specifics, but considering the interest in AI and the team’s track record, there is conjecture that SSI may be able to raise a sizable sum of money.

Founding Team

Sutskever, Daniel Gross, a former Apple AI head, and Daniel Levy, a former OpenAI technical staff member, co-founded SSI. The team’s proficiency and dedication to AI safety highlight the goals of the business.

Differentiation from Other AI businesses

By continuing to place a singular emphasis on AI safety and capabilities, SSI sets itself apart from other AI businesses. This strategy enables the business to stay out of the way of outside influences and concentrate entirely on its goal, free from the interference of managerial responsibilities or product cycles.

Future Plans

SSI’s first product, safe superintelligence, is the immediate focus of the company. The business is dedicated to achieving this objective, and it won’t take on any new projects until it does. Sutskever’s dedication to placing AI safety first is shown in this clear guidance.


Ilya Sutskever Launches AI Company, Prioritizing Safety in AI Development. SSI is positioned as a major participant in the changing field of AI technology due to its distinct approach and focus.

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