Elon Musk talks about the future of Optimus robot and says people will think of it as a friend

Elon Musk talks about the future of Optimus robot and says people will think of it as a friend

Elon Musk sees a day when we all live with the Tesla Optimus robot regularly. At the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, Elon Musk talked about his goals for the humanoid robot that Tesla is developing. He proposed that similar to renowned figures like R2-D2 from Star Wars, people would grow to view their own Optimus robot as a buddy.

Aesthetics and Functionality

Musk stressed that although the Optimus robot won’t resemble a person, it will nevertheless have an eye-catching appearance. By making light of the need to make the robot “good-looking,” he emphasized Tesla’s dedication to producing visually appealing products. The goal of the Optimus robot is to be a flexible personal helper that can handle a variety of duties. Musk listed all of its functions, including taking the dog for walks, taking care of the house, watching kids, preparing meals, and even playing the piano. “It’s a generalized humanoid robot,” he said, emphasizing the variety of tasks it is anticipated to perform.

Optimus in Every Home and Industry

Musk made assumptions about the wider effects of these robots on society, imagining a time when every person may have a personal robot and other robots will be used in a variety of businesses. He went so far as to say that in the future, robots might outnumber people. This audacious plan emphasizes how widely the Optimus robot might be used in both private and public contexts.

Optimus, Tesla’s Most Valuable Asset?

One of Tesla’s most prized assets, according to Elon Musk, is the robot called Optimus. He declared in April, during a Tesla earnings call, that “I think Optimus will be more valuable than everything else combined.” Musk thinks the economy could undergo a revolution if a conscious humanoid robot was able to navigate reality and carry out duties upon request. “There is no meaningful limit to the size of the economy,” he said, highlighting the technology’s boundless potential.

Progress and Future Predictions

The Optimus robot is already being incorporated into Tesla’s operations. The business recently disclosed that two Optimus robots are operating independently on the production floor. Musk admitted that it is difficult to pinpoint the precise delivery date for the robot even with these advancements. Notwithstanding his admission that it is “impossible” to provide an exact prediction, he is still confident that Optimus will start shipping next year.

The Road Ahead for Optimus

Expert opinions on Musk’s audacious schedule for the Optimus robot have been expressed. Professor of AI robotics Animesh Garg characterized Musk’s timescale as “aggressive but realistic,” while roboticist Jonathan Aitken referred to it as “ambitious but not out of the question.” According to these experts, future iterations of the robot may have more sophisticated characteristics even though their initial versions may only have restricted capabilities.

Commercial Availability and Market Impact

Musk stated that Tesla might begin selling the Optimus robot by the end of the next year at the company’s annual shareholder meeting. Based on his prediction, Tesla’s market worth might be greatly increased by the robot. Although there is uncertainty about when such technology will be widely adopted, several experts do recognize the potential impact. Musk’s audacious plans include making one billion robots annually at a projected cost of $10,000 per, which might bring in a sizable profit for Tesla.


Elon Musk has big and revolutionary plans for the Optimus robot. Musk hopes to incorporate cutting-edge robotics into daily life by presenting the robot as a companion and adaptable helper. The future of the Optimus robot seems bright, with continued development and professional viewpoints indicating cautious optimism toward a more automated environment.

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