Google Magic Eraser

OnePlus built its own version of Google Magic Eraser for its phones

OnePlus has launched the AI Eraser, a new venture into mobile AI, challenging established features like Google Magic Eraser. This initiative represents OnePlus’s independent spirit in technology development, showcasing its commitment to innovation.

Distinctive Development

Although Google Magic Eraser has been well received since its launch, OnePlus advanced with its version, indicating its aspirations in AI. OnePlus has discreetly improved its AI eraser in the background despite Google’s earlier release in 2021, highlighting its dedication to innovation and uniqueness.

Proprietary Technology at Work

AI Eraser’s development was a significant undertaking. Large language models (LLMs) that are proprietary were a major investment made by OnePlus to differentiate itself from other technologies. These models, which have been trained on large datasets, enable the AI Eraser to interpret intricate scenes and cleverly swap out unwanted objects for contextually relevant ones, thus organically improving the aesthetic appeal of photos.

OnePlus faces competition from Google Magic Eraser, which is integrated into Google Photos, even though an AI-powered eraser is unquestionably valuable. Some doubt the effectiveness of spending money on a rival feature when comparable features are easily accessible on iOS and Android devices.

Rollout and Future Prospects

To make a name for itself in a year that will be a landmark for smartphone innovation, OnePlus plans to launch the AI Eraser on a few devices, including the OnePlus 12 series, OnePlus 11, OnePlus Open, and OnePlus Nord CE 4. Special features might be the focus of future projects.

Enhancements to OnePlus Open Camera

A big software update is also released for the OnePlus Open, improving its camera performance, along with the launch of AI Eraser. OnePlus continues to put the user experience and innovation at the forefront of its product development with additions like a video zoom wheel, XPAN mode, increased focal length options, and improved shutter response.


I think OnePlus’s venture into mobile AI with the AI Eraser highlights the company’s dedication to uniqueness and innovation. Although it will be difficult to compete with well-known features like Google Magic Eraser, OnePlus wants to make its mark in the smartphone market by putting the creativity and experience of its users first. This action not only demonstrates OnePlus’s will to differentiate itself, but also paves the way for possible future developments in the field of mobile AI.

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