Ethereum Transaction Fees Q1 2024

Ethereum Transaction Fees Q1 2024 Reach $1.2 Billion, Is an ETH Price Rally on the Horizon?

Ethereum transaction fees Q1 2024 reach $1.2 Billion, this represents a staggering 155% increase from the same period last year. Insights from Coin98 Analytics provide valuable insights into Ethereum’s transaction fee earnings, which tripled to a significant $370 million.

Ethereum Transaction fees Q1 2024

Ethereum, the leading smart contract platform globally, has witnessed a remarkable surge in transaction fee revenue, reaching a record $1.2 billion in the first quarter of 2024. Coin98 Analytics recently released data highlighting Ethereum’s strong performance in Q1 2024, with earnings soaring to $369 million, marking a threefold increase from the previous quarter.

Ethereum experienced substantial growth in fees and revenues during this period, with fees rising by 79% and revenues by 85% compared to the previous quarter. The platform’s total revenue from transaction fees surged to $1.2 billion, a remarkable 155% increase from Q1 2023.

During Q1 2024, Ethereum witnessed an impressive volume of over 107 million transactions, leading to the creation of nearly 9.7 million new addresses. Additionally, the total value locked within the Ethereum ecosystem saw a substantial increase, rising by 86% to reach $55.9 billion.

Adoption of Stablecoins

In addition to transaction fee revenue, Ethereum observed significant growth in the adoption of stablecoins. Tether maintained its position as the largest Ethereum-based stablecoin by market capitalization in Q1 2024, witnessing a 14% increase in market value compared to the previous quarter. Meanwhile, its competitor, USDC, experienced a 23% increase in ERC-20 market value during the same period.

Prominent crypto analysts at CrediBULL Crypto anticipate Ethereum experiencing a surge of 3 to 4 times its current value, aiming for $15,000 to $20,000 by the end of 2024. This optimistic outlook aligns with the growing speculation that Ethereum may follow a trajectory similar to Bitcoin (BTC) before its exchange-traded fund (ETF) approval hype.

Current Market Status

Ethereum is trading at $3,325, showing a slight increase over the past 24 hours. However, trading volume has dropped by 29% to $14.6 billion, with a market capitalization of $399 billion.


To conclude, Ethereum transaction fees Q1 2024 skyrocketed to $1.2 billion, marking a remarkable 155% increase from the same period last year. This surge in fees, along with significant growth in transaction volume and stablecoin adoption, reflects Ethereum’s strong performance and potential for further growth in the cryptocurrency market.

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