NFT Market Crash, 95% of Assets Lose All Market Value, Report Finds

NFT Market Crash, 95% of Assets Lose All Market Value, Report Finds

A recent report indicated that the NFT market crashed with 95% of assets losing all their market value. The speculative frenzy created overnight millionaires from what many called “on-chain jpegs,” leading to a market surge valued in the billions. However, this boom was short-lived.

NFT Market Crash

The once-thriving NFT market, which generated billions in 2021, is now struggling. NFTs burst onto the crypto scene like a hurricane, quickly becoming a goldmine. After enduring a tumultuous two-year bear market, the dust has settled, revealing a sobering reality: people are losing interest in NFTs.

Today’s NFT market is a shadow of its 2021 self. Investors and traders are exiting the ecosystem as sales decline and interest wanes. A report shared with DailyCoin by Invezz reveals that while the global NFT market cap has surpassed $190 billion, the industry is facing significant challenges.

The report analyzed over 73,000 NFT collections with a combined trading volume of $17 billion, uncovering a stark truth: 95% of all NFT projects, totaling over 69,000 collections, now hold zero market value.

NFT Market Trading Volume

The decline is attributed to the NFT market’s plummeting trading volume, which has dropped 97% since its 2021 peak. Once lucrative collections like CryptoPunk and Bored Ape Yacht Club now struggle to generate even hundreds of dollars per sale.

According to the report, 53.6% of NFT sales were valued at less than $200, while 75% were worth less than $100. Daily sales numbers have also nosedived from an average of 87,000 in 2021 to around 2,000 in 2024.

In Q1 2024, the market recorded only $11.6 million in sales, a stark contrast to the billion-dollar quarterly hauls of 2021. This data underscores the pronounced recession in one of the crypto industry’s most celebrated sectors. However, there is a glimmer of hope for a potential recovery

Future of the NFT Market

The crypto market has endured a prolonged bear market, exacerbated by international conflicts and contagion events like the FTX fiasco. Despite these challenges, the industry has gained significant institutional attention, leading to a historic run earlier this year. Yet, global macroeconomic and geopolitical uncertainties continue to undermine investor confidence.

Many investors are cautiously monitoring the market, awaiting the official start of the bull market, potentially signaled by the US’s first rate cut in two years. While some have turned to memecoins, reaping significant gains, the NFT market remains dormant, poised for a potential resurgence once market conditions stabilize.

NFTs are inherently speculative and risky. Given the market’s tumultuous performance over the past two years, they are not an appealing investment choice for many. However, the market could regain its lost momentum once retail investors return and shift funds from low-risk to high-risk assets.


To conclude, The NFT market crash resulted in a dramatic downturn, but it may not be the end for this digital asset class. While current conditions are challenging, the market holds potential for recovery as investor confidence stabilizes and interest in high-risk assets returns. The future of NFTs hinges on market dynamics and the renewed engagement of retail investors.

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