Meta Introduces AI ad features to Help Create Ad Creatives for Businesses

Meta Introduces AI Ad features to Help Create Ad Creatives for Businesses

Meta Introduces AI Ad features for advertisers. These features include the ability to generate text and complete images. With the help of Meta Verified, these solutions aim to help organizations boost engagement and credibility while improving ad effectiveness and automating parts of the ad creative process.

Generative AI, Image Generation

With text overlay capabilities, advertisers can now use Meta’s AI to produce a variety of picture versions based on their original ad content. With plans to allow marketers to give text suggestions to further hone creative variants, this functionality is now being pushed out. Additionally, picture expansion is now accessible, making it easier to adapt creative assets to various aspect ratios across various platforms, including Facebook’s Reels and Instagram’s Feed.

Generative AI, Text Generation

Now, Meta’s AI can create ad headlines in addition to the main body of the advertisement. The platform is experimenting with differentiating the produced text to match each brand’s voice and tone. These developments are in reaction to input from marketers who want more customized and brand-specific text recommendations.

Meta Introduces AI ad features under Advantage+ Creative

The most recent generative AI features will be available in Ads Manager via Advantage+ Creative, offering complete assistance with the production of ad campaigns. Centralization guarantees better performance and expedites the generation of ads.

Advantage+ Products Updates

Additionally, Meta has improved its Advantage+ products with improvements for both video and catalog advertisements. Nowadays, 9:16 aspect ratio video advertising is designed for Reels and mobile applications, and catalog ads promote products based on user preferences and let advertisers include branded or demonstration films.

Expanding Meta Verified for Businesses

More nations will soon be able to use Meta Verified, a subscription toolkit designed to increase corporate legitimacy and accomplish goals on Meta’s platforms. It provides necessary facilities including account support, a verified badge, and impersonation detection.


Meta Introduces AI ad features is a big step in the right direction for helping marketers create effective and engaging ad content. Through the appropriate use of generative AI in text and picture production, Meta hopes to enable businesses to meet their advertising objectives. With upgrades to its current products and consolidation under Advantage+ Creative, Meta is proving that it is dedicated to helping companies with their advertising needs.

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