Google Generates Political Ad Disclosures that Use AI

Google Generates Political Ad Disclosures that Use AI

Google generates political ad disclosures in response to worries about AI-generated material in political advertisements ahead of the US presidential election in 2024, improving its advertising guidelines to enhance transparency and accountability in digital campaigns.

Automatic Disclosures Implementation

Due to technology updates, Google is now producing disclosures for political advertisements that are flagged as including “synthetic or digitally altered content.” Advertisers now just need to check a single item during campaign setup, simplifying the process for them.

Where Disclosures Appear

Google generates political ad disclosures that will be displayed in a variety of media, such as feeds, in-stream advertisements on phones, PCs, TVs, and the web, and YouTube Shorts on mobile devices. For other ad types, advertisers must still give their disclosures.

Legislative Context

A Senate bill and recommendations from the Federal Communications Commission are examples of legislative initiatives that address the growing concerns around the use of AI in political advertising and the need for transparency.

Google’s Motivation

Google’s action, which acknowledges AI as a tool that can sway public opinion during important events like elections, is in line with larger industry attempts to counteract AI-driven misinformation.

Meta’s Similar Measures

To handle AI-generated content, Meta (previously Facebook) has also modified its guidelines. One change is the addition of an “AI Info” button to postings that may have been manipulated by AI.

Tech Industry Response

To reduce the exploitation of AI-generated material, other digital behemoths like Adobe, Apple, and OpenAI are also focusing on metadata labeling and AI detection.

Historical Context

Google generates political ad disclosures and has taken action in the past, such as prohibiting deepfake AI-manipulated content and revising guidelines to mandate the clear disclosure of AI in political advertisements.


Google generates political ad disclosures to counteract AI-driven misinformation in political advertising, implementing a new AI disclosure regulation to increase accountability and transparency in digital campaigns.

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