Gala Games Security Breach, Attackers Mint $200 Million in GALA Tokens

Gala Games Security Breach, Attackers Mint $200 Million in GALA Tokens

Gala Games security breach, resulted in attackers minting approximately $200 million worth of $GALA tokens. The malicious actors managed to create 5 billion $GALA tokens through direct minting, subsequently swapping nearly 600 million $GALA for 5,913 $ETH.

Gala Games Security Breach

According to Beosin Alert, the attackers’ ability to mint such a substantial amount of $GALA has raised concerns within the crypto community. The swift conversion of a significant portion of these tokens into Ethereum indicates a well-orchestrated operation.

In an official announcement on X (formerly Twitter), Gala Games confirmed that the security incident has been contained. The compromised wallet has been frozen, and the vulnerability that led to the breach has been addressed.

Gala Games is now working closely with law enforcement to investigate and identify the perpetrators behind the attack. The company emphasized that this was an isolated incident and reassured users that measures were being taken to prevent future breaches.

Continued Support from DWFLabs

Despite the security breach, market-maker DWFLabs has reaffirmed its confidence in $GALA. In a statement, DWFLabs expressed regret over the incident but reiterated its bullish stance on the token.

The firm revealed that it had purchased over $1 million worth of $GALA tokens following the hack, acquiring 25 million $GALA tokens valued at approximately $1.06 million at the time.

Market Impact and Recovery

The price of $GALA is currently trading at $0.0422, reflecting a 2.5% decline over the past 24 hours. The prompt containment of the breach and the decisive actions taken by Gala Games have been pivotal in stabilizing the situation. Support from significant market players like DWFLabs underscores the sustained investor confidence in $GALA, despite the recent setback.

Importance of Robust Security Measures

This incident underscores the critical importance of robust security measures in the cryptocurrency space. It serves as a stark reminder of the vulnerabilities that can be exploited by attackers. Gala Games’ quick response and ongoing collaboration with law enforcement are vital steps in addressing the breach and preventing similar incidents in the future.

The swift actions taken by Gala Games and the ongoing support from the crypto community highlight the resilience of the platform and its commitment to maintaining the security and trust of its users.


To conclude, the action taken on the Gala Games security breach by the team, along with the ongoing support from the crypto community, underscores the platform’s resilience and commitment to safeguarding user assets. This incident highlights the critical need for robust security measures in the ever-evolving cryptocurrency landscape.

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