Bitcoin Security Protocol Bitlayer Secures Strategic Investment from OKX Ventures

Bitcoin Security Protocol Bitlayer Secures Strategic Investment from OKX Ventures

OKX Ventures is looking forward to Security Protocol Bitlayer’s upcoming developments, which include integrating new features to bolster the Bitcoin ecosystem by enabling the creation of NFTs and other liquidity assets on the platform.

Security Protocol Bitlayer

Bitlayer recognized as the first Bitcoin layer-2 scaling solution based on BitVM, has secured a strategic investment from OKX Ventures, the venture capital arm of the cryptocurrency exchange OKX. This marks the second investment Bitlayer has received from venture capital firms this year.

In April, Bitlayer secured $5 million in a seed funding round led by Framework Ventures and ABCDE Capital. Shortly after this, OKX Ventures also invested an undisclosed amount in the protocol.

Addressing Scalability Challenges

Bitlayer aims to tackle the scalability issues inherent in layer-1 blockchains, particularly Bitcoin. By leveraging its underlying technology and robust security, Bitlayer offers users faster and cheaper transactions.

OKX Ventures, known for supporting innovative blockchain projects, initially launched with $100 million in investment capital, aims to foster the healthy development of the global crypto space and invest in projects that offer long-term structural value.

OKX Ventures’ Commitment to Bitcoin Scaling

In an official press release, OKX Ventures expressed their interest in Bitlayer due to its commitment to becoming the computational layer for Bitcoin and bringing “ultra scalability” to the peer-to-peer (P2P) blockchain platform. Dora Yue, founder of OKX Ventures, highlighted that Bitlayer addresses key challenges in Bitcoin Layer 2: L1 verification and a trustless bridge.

Collaborating with Velar

Bitlayer has recently partnered with Velar, another Bitcoin-based network, to develop and launch Velar Artha, the world’s first Perpetual Decentralized Exchange (PerpDex) on Bitlayer.

This collaboration aims to provide traders with the opportunity to trade perpetual contracts directly on the Bitcoin blockchain, ensuring both security and full decentralization for all transactions.

Future Enhancements

OKX Ventures anticipates that Bitlayer’s future enhancements will include features that significantly improve the Bitcoin ecosystem. “We look forward to seeing more Bitcoin amplifications like NFTs and other liquidity assets produced on Bitlayer,” the company stated.


To conclude, Security Protocol Bitlayer’s integration of new features and strategic partnerships aim to enhance the Bitcoin ecosystem, offering innovative solutions to scalability and transaction efficiency challenges. This aligns with OKX Ventures’ commitment to supporting projects that drive the long-term growth and stability of the cryptocurrency market.

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