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15 Youtube Seo best practices for video in 2022

YouTube Search Engine Optimization includes playlists, data, descriptions, and video optimization. Make your videos such that they can be searched on YouTube easily.

All people might be familiar with the fundamentals of YouTube video Search Engine Optimization titles of the keywords should be a must, as details of the web pages and labels which are also known as tags. Nonetheless, other things can be done for YouTube Search Engine Optimization by having access to your videos. Search engine bots can’t see videos, so these search engines depend on going along with raw information to mark videos properly. The basic role of any YouTube SEO plan is to harness the power of subtitles. You actually use tools SEO tools, to learn about that click the link

30 Best YouTube SEO tools- A Complete guide

Now let’s start

15 Youtube Seo best practices

Below are the 10 tips to maximize watch time and boost your YouTube’s Search Engine Optimization.

  1. Do keyword research first

Of course, our YouTube SEO tips collection starts with keyword research. Finding the best keywords for your videos is similar to Google.

This is good news because if you optimize your content properly, your videos will rank not only on YouTube but also on Google’s “Videos” section, appearing in regular search results and as featured snippets.

You can use the YouTube search bar suggestions when choosing the right keywords. If you see suggestions, it basically means that you have existing keywords that you should use.

For example, let’s say you create a video on how to do keyword research. Type that keyword in the search box and you’ll see a list of suggestions.

Keyword research

You can also use SEO tools like Ahrefs, Semrush, and Ubersuggest to find the best keywords for your topic. As a general rule of thumb, focus and prioritize keywords that are relevant to your channel, have high search volume, and are preferably easy to rank for.

Always analyze your competitors when doing keyword research for YouTube videos. Find users who are already ranking on Google’s first page results for your target keyword. See why we rank #1 in page results. Find out the average video length. This simple analysis can go a long way in creating videos to boost your online growth.

Keyword research checklist

  • Identify the nature of your video and the funnels you want to target (how-toes, product reviews, listing content, etc.).
  • Choose 4-5 seed keywords with high search volume on Google and YouTube (Ahref provides this type of research)
  • Narrow your keywords into one of the following categories based on your funnel:
  • Communicative, educational, Inquiring, Contrast, Transferable, Navigating
  1. Optimize video title

Once you have your keywords, there are many ways you can optimize your videos and increase your rank on YouTube.

Including your keywords in the title of your video is one of the easiest methods.

But when you upload long-hour videos like 500 every minute, this is not a good method of improving YT Search Engine Optimization.

The title of the video should be captivating. To a user, it requires conveying “Click me!” text.

A good way to do this is by making a promise. Do you tell your viewers anything? Do you entertain them? Let them know what they will see.

optimize title

When you teach your viewers something new, this increases the rank of the YouTube video and makes it the highest.

However, there is also a little extra clarification. The title of “Hacking Instagram” is not enough to get views.

Need to ponder more.

You have 2 options the first is this should be in your viewer’s knowledge that the number of hacks you make them learn or tell them your video is highly in demand and to the point. You can see the previous example.

Including these promises in your video title while not exceeding the character limit is a great way to attract clicks.

And if YouTube’s search algorithm finds you, guess what? You’ll get a delicious boost in YouTube’s search results. This is because YouTube’s automated algorithms determine that many people believe your content answers their questions.


  1. The tags should be expressive

To increase the views on the web pages of the search engines, you need to tag your video with comparative keywords. But it will depend on the website you’re using for sharing your video.

You can also enter hashtags for your videos. These clickable tags appear above the video title. Clicking on a hashtag will create a search results page for that word. Choosing a few relevant hashtags can be a good guide for your users.

Hashtag checklist

  • Add hashtags to your description.
  • YouTube only shows 3 hashtags.
  • Don’t add more than 15 hashtags. If there are more than 15, Google will ignore them all.

YouTube tag checklist

  • Add as many tags as possible. We recommend adding at least 10 tags.
  • match the keyword.
  • This Chrome extension allows you to find all tags in your videos. Useful for competitive research.
  1. The detail of the video should be optimized

Search engine optimization of the video is not only related to the keywords like it happens in the other sites.

Video titles, tags, and descriptions must add aimed keywords (multiple times) to help the user when he will search for the words, the search engine will find your details.

The detail of the video which is a part of the text data, it will help it to understand what the shot is about.

A well-written detail of the video will make it easy to increase the rank of your number.

This search engine which is YouTube makes use of the descriptions along with the titles of the video and tags to make the audience comfortable with the data.

When you write your description briefly yet informally it will help to increase your rank of the video and the results of the searches.

In fact, YouTube strongly recommends optimizing your video descriptions for search engine optimization.

Here include excellent YouTube video instructions:

  • Overview of video content
  • Main keywords at the beginning of the description
  • Subsidiary keywords and comparable
  • Of-uses and easy-to-understand abstract of content

4.	The detail of the video should be optimized

  1. Add a transcript video

YouTube automatically generates subtitles for videos, which are often inaccurate.
Accurate transcription is valuable and can have a positive impact on his SEO, engagement and user experience on YouTube.

Videos with subtitles are more likely to rank higher because search engines can crawl the text. Make sure to include your target keyword in the transcript as well.

Transcript recommendations

  • If your video contains narration, we recommend uploading the transcript if possible.
  • Additionally, you can upload translated transcriptions to provide a better viewing experience.


  1. Include your target keywords in your video file names

If your video filename contains your target keyword, your video is more likely to appear higher in search results.

You can check the file name when uploading a new video. Make sure to update the filename before uploading the video.


  1. Start making longer videos

Contrary to popular belief, long videos are better than short which are uploaded on your channel. When you search for your required video on the search engine by typing your word, the high-rated videos are usually quite long:


In fact, it is widely believed that YouTube actually uses total watch time as a ranking factor. Come to think of it, it makes sense. If you watch the long videos, you indulge more in that videos, you become like those videos and you see more advertisements on that videos.  So, YouTube is doing well commercially!!

The longer you watch your videos, the rank of the videos will be more and more. Of course, it concludes that YouTube likes long videos with higher quality resolution viewers watch longer.

However, this does not mean that you tend to answer the question completely and comprehensively rather than splitting the video into 5 parts, and it does not mean that the video should be stretched as much as possible.

If you make lengthy yet full of basic information that attains the maximum attention of the people, it will for sure grab your attention and rank your video to the next level.


  1. Improve Click Through Rate

Over a large number of videos available on YouTube, when the person chooses your video over that video that rate is the click-through rate.

Higher click-through rate means that your video was related to the keywords that the person typed. That’s why we can also say that it is also the most important factor in ranking the video.

And you know that you can do nothing to this rate. But what is in your hand is, to increase the chances that people click on your video.

Tips to Increase CTR

Now that we’ve covered some of the basics, let’s move on to the actual tactics you can employ to increase your YouTube channel’s CTR.

  1. Encourage comments and subscriptions

Having someone leave a comment on your video is a strong indicator for YouTube’s algorithms that this video is driving engagement.

For this reason, it is beneficial for your channel to encourage users to comment. Also, be sure to reply to any comments you receive. This shows that you care what people say. Plus, it helps you connect with your followers and drive more engagement with your content.

Closing the video with a question allows other users to comment. You’ve probably heard the phrase “What do you think? Let us know in the comments” hundreds of times. Now I know the exact reason behind it.

However, try to come up with something more appropriate and original that encourages users to voice their opinions and is more likely to start a discussion.

comment and subscribe

  1. Do add closed captions

YouTube videos can support subtitles to help deaf and dumb people.

You can also work on the idea of adding the bonus of the added subtitles that are in notice of these two search engines because they help improve your YouTube SEO.

YouTube can automatically add subtitles to videos, but it will be full of mistakes.

If you want subtitles noticed and SEO friendly on the channel, the idea of editing the subtitles provided by the search engine or posting them on your behalf, is also significant.


  1. Create a compelling video thumbnail

The viewer makes sure of the 2 things prior to jumping on the video, first is the title of the video and second is the thumbnail of the video.

This thumbnail is really important because visual information is processed 60,000 times faster than text.

YouTube automatically assigns a thumbnail for your video, but it’s just an arbitrary clip of that shot.

Make a totally different image, if you want yourself to be unique with idea from other people that grabs awareness and gets people to click.

thumbnail youtube

Each thumbnail has been selected to captivate the viewer. When the presenter looks directly into the camera, the on-screen text repeats the content of the video. Contrasting color illustration elements in thumbnails help to attract attention and create a professional feel.

In a way, you can think of YouTube’s SERPs like a digital storefront. Sell ​​your content and have searchers spend time on your content. Should stand out on all SERPs as the best, most professional, and most complete content on the topic they were looking for.

This encourages users to click on your videos (record-breaking alerts!) and a high CTR significantly improves your ranking performance. This is another opportunity for the YouTube algorithm to notice.


  1. Use social media to extend your video’s reach

Other than boosting the video for the higher ranks, what you can do is to take the help of the social media to broaden the reach of your video to the people as much as you can.

It will help you to gather audience towards your videos and also helps you to increase the number of watches of your videos and also their likeability. This will help you a lot for the higher ranks for your videos.


  1. Use end screens and YouTube cards

An end screen appears when the person finishes the video and is a great way to let the user awake know what to do.

The usage of the credits to increase channel subscriptions, watch more videos, go to the site, and more.

A YouTube card is a pre-formatted visual notification to highlight any corner of your choice in the video.

end screens and YouTube cards

Cards are kind of communicative with the user and let him know more about videos, channels, and many more.

Usage of alluring factors like this can help you get more views, increase your audience, grow your subscriber list, and improve your video’s search rankings. So be wise while using it.


  1. Maximize production value as much as possible

Proper optimization relies on quality, whether or not we are talking about YouTube SEO.

High-quality video marketing has the power to drive traffic, convert leads, and bring long-term benefits to your business.

5 reasons your business needs a quality video strategy:

  • High-quality videos get more visitors to your website
  • High-quality videos marketing leads to higher search rankings
  • High-quality videos get you more customers
  • Low-quality videos bring your brand to impair perception
  • High-quality videos are the power of social media
  1. Monitor video analytics

To see the engagement of the people with your videos, you need to check facts and figures about the videos that increase ratings. It will help you know which content audiences want to see and which type of videos you should work on. Moreover, to increase the ranks of the videos also.

There are certain factors that will guide you about the performance of the videos and the chances of improving them. If you want to know about your performance, there are many reports that are present on different channels from which you can take help.

With time by keeping in view these standards, you’ll come to know about the videos that gather more audience, and what are the main reasons that are helping them to lead.


I hope now you can rank your youtube channel too by only following the above rules. Do comment and give your suggestions. Till next happy learning and earning.

Can we start youtube channel right now as there are already many channel? Can i rank?

Yes you surely can rank now because there are many resources now a days that can give you a wide reach but you have to stay consistent and focused.

Is youtube seo really works?

Yes as google have a crawler that searches what’s best post to the user demand and same is the case with youtube. SEO is the one for optimizing your entire digital work.

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