X now lets users broadcast community posts to all followers on iOS

X now lets users broadcast community posts to all followers on iOS

X now lets users broadcast community posts to all followers, this has unveiled a groundbreaking feature in a social media revolution experience.

A ground-breaking innovation that enables users to share their community postings with all of their followers has been announced by X, formerly known as Twitter. An X engineer revealed this new feature, which is similar to publishing in a Slack channel. It is now only available for iOS users, but there are plans to bring it to the web and Android platforms soon.

X now lets users broadcast community posts to all followers

Selecting the “Also send to followers” option during the community post-creation process makes it simple for users to share their posts with others. The user’s profile will then have this shared post prominently displayed, increasing their audience and interaction.

Visibility and Interaction:

On X, communities are visible to the whole public, but only members of that particular community can directly respond to posts that are broadcast. But there’s a way to enable enthusiastic non-members to participate: the “quote” function. This part remains unclear while the article investigates if X intends to add tools that let communities ban broadcasts.

Recent Improvements to X Communities:

X has focused on improving its community features in an attempt to more successfully compete with sites like Reddit and Facebook. Post sorting in bookmarked communities, showcasing communities on user profiles, and allowing private accounts to join communities are some of these enhancements.

Gatekeeping Feature and Expanded Access:

The gatekeeping function, which allows administrators of limited groups to ask prospective members questions and then give access based on their answers, was a noteworthy addition in October. Community creation on X was previously limited to Premium accounts, but in October, the business made it available to users in Japan as well.

Subscription Plans and Premium Features:

Apart from these upgrades focused on the community, X also unveiled two new subscription options in October. Users may access key Premium features with the more cost $3 per month Basic option, but additional advantages are available with the $16 per month Premium Plus subscription. These designs are designed to accommodate a wide variety of user preferences.

Concerns and Controversies:

Even with these encouraging advancements, X is presently being investigated for allegedly spreading far-right misinformation in Ireland. The article discusses the recent violent upheaval in Dublin, which was sparked by erroneous claims about X. It’s claimed that regional far-right celebrities with substantial fan bases on X were instrumental in spreading false information that led to demonstrations and violent incidents.


With a pivotal action that can be summed up as “X now lets users broadcast community posts to all followers”, the social media scene experiences a revolution.

X keeps adapting to user demands and market trends to provide a more competitive and engaging social experience. As X improves its offers, users can anticipate further enhancements that will make community interaction more dynamic and accessible for everyone.

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