With iOS 18 beta 3, Apple brings dynamic wallpapers to iPhones for the first time, How they work

With iOS 18 beta 3, Apple brings dynamic wallpapers to iPhones for the first time, How they work

Dynamic wallpapers are a new feature that Apple has added to iOS 18 beta 3 in the developer version. These dynamic wallpapers give iPhones a new and lively appearance throughout the day.

How It Works

Multiple color variations of an image are bundled together and alternated through different periods in dynamic wallpapers. The default wallpaper in the latest iOS 18 beta 3 features a dynamic version that alternates between the colors purple, azure, pink, and yellow. This version features an automated color shift in the wallpaper, which is a minor yet enjoyable visual adjustment.

Simplicity and Anticipation

Although macOS provides a more intricate version with multiple hues that change gradually over time, the dynamic wallpaper on the iPhone is more straightforward, just alternating between the four pre-set colors. This feature has been eagerly awaited and is projected to be well-liked by iPhone users, despite its simplicity.

Enhanced Apple TV App

The Apple TV app’s InSight function is new with this version, giving users more options for content exploration and suggestions.

Expanded RCS Support

Rich Communication Services (RCS) are now supported by iOS 18 beta 3, which improves messaging capabilities and offers more options than standard SMS.

Automatic Dark Mode Icons

Third-party apps now have automatic dark mode icons thanks to the update. This capability was previously exclusive to Apple’s native apps, but third-party apps can now easily switch to dark mode.

Improved Flashlight Animation

A new flashlight animation is now available for the iPhone 15 Pro series. This update enhances the flashlight feature’s usability and intuitiveness in addition to its aesthetic appeal.

Photos App Updates

Small changes have been made to the Photos app, such as the addition of a new Select button in the upper right corner that makes it simpler to choose and share multiple images and movies.

Accessing iOS 18 Beta 3

On suitable iPhones, developers who have signed up for Apple’s beta program can download and install iOS 18 beta 3. Apple made it simpler for everyone to sign up for these beta releases with iOS 17. Users can now register and receive the update with just their Apple ID. Next week is when the public beta of iOS 18 is anticipated to be released.

What’s Next?

Dynamic wallpapers are only one of the many things that iOS 18 beta 3 offers to improve user experience. This features additional third-party app support, enhanced customization choices, and several new tools and updates for various Apple services and apps.

Other Developer Betas

Apple also released fresh developer betas for watchOS 11, tvOS 18, and iPadOS 18, in addition to iOS 18. With these updates, other Apple devices should see comparable improvements and new features, offering a more seamless and better user experience throughout the Apple ecosystem.


A big step toward more individualized and aesthetically pleasing iPhone experiences is the addition of dynamic backgrounds in iOS 18 beta 3. This and other changes and new features make the iOS 18 beta release widely anticipated. A public beta is scheduled for soon, and the final release is anticipated in the fall for users.

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