Unwanted Tracking Alerts iOS Android, Apple and Google Roll Out New Feature

Unwanted Tracking Alerts iOS Android, Apple and Google Roll Out New Feature

Unwanted Tracking Alerts iOS Android, is a new tool that Google and Apple have released that notifies users when they are being followed by an unidentified Bluetooth monitoring device. The goal of this project, “Detecting Unwanted Location Trackers,” is to shield consumers from abusing tracking devices used to locate misplaced objects.

Unwanted Tracking Alerts iOS Android

To address this issue, the two IT giants have created an industry specification. Users on iOS and Android will be informed by the new warnings if they are being followed by an unknown device. This collaborative effort is a big step in the right direction for improving user safety and privacy in the digital era.

How the Alerts Work

Thanks to the most recent improvements, users will now receive alerts when an unfamiliar Bluetooth tracker is identified moving beside them. Android users will get a warning saying “Tracker traveling with you,” while Apple users will see the phrase “[Item] Found Moving With You.” These alerts will show up on any platform that the tracker is connected to.

iOS Implementation

Apple has implemented this feature in the iOS 17.5 update. If an iOS user receives an alert, it indicates that an unknown AirTag or a compatible Bluetooth tracker is moving with them. In addition to seeing the tracker’s ID, users can get instructions on how to turn it off and hear a sound to help them find it.

Android Implementation

This feature is now available on Android devices running version 6.0 and higher, thanks to Google. Users of Android devices will see comparable notifications and have the same capabilities to locate, identify, and turn off the tracking device.

Manufacturer Support

Numerous Bluetooth tracker makers have pledged to make sure that their upcoming models are compliant with this new standard, including Pebblebee, Jio, eufy, Chipolo, and Motorola. This widespread support is essential to the alerts’ efficacy across many brands and devices.

Privacy and Safety Measures

Apple’s AirTag network and Google’s Find My Device were created with security and privacy in mind. Both businesses have consistently innovated to fortify these safeguards. Establishing best practices and standards through community and industry involvement, this cross-platform partnership is a first of its type.

Responding to Abuse

This feature was developed in response to concerns about Bluetooth trackers being used maliciously for other reasons, such as stalking. Because the alerts notify users if they are being followed without their awareness, they are intended to help reduce these hazards.

Looking Forward

With the Internet Engineering Task Force and other interested parties, Apple and Google will keep working to improve and create the official standard for this technology. This continuous endeavor is to guarantee that consumer safety and privacy continue to be at the forefront of Bluetooth tracking device innovation.


Unwanted Tracking Alerts iOS Android are a major improvement over previous privacy and security features. Together, Apple and Google have established a new industry norm that helps shield people from the improper use of tracking technologies. This partnership emphasizes how crucial cross-platform solutions are to solving today’s digital security issues.

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