Top 18 Free Proxy Sites to Unblock Any Website

Top 18 Free Proxy Sites to Unblock Any Website

Top 18 Free Proxy Sites, well what are those?

To begin with,  owing to the Internet, all information is now just a click away. However, a lot of websites on the Internet have restrictions. Simply said, you need a license to gain access, which free proxy sites will provide. You’ve probably seen the phrases “Webpage is not available” or “This Webpage has been blocked” quite a bit when browsing the Internet. Does that imply that the URL/web page doesn’t even exist? NO! To access the website, you must use the proper method.


You’ll learn how free proxy sites provide you access to such websites in this article. But first, we will see what are proxy sites and how they function.

What are the proxy sites?

An online server known as a proxy site serves as a go-between for you and the website you’re seeking to access. When you access a proxy site, all of your Internet traffic passes via that specific server before it arrives at the desired location.

You can use a proxy service to access Facebook, for instance, if Facebook is restricted in your country or workplace. When you utilize a proxy site, the request to access Facebook first goes to the proxy server, where it is then forwarded to Facebook.


The data that a proxy server receives from websites is sent to the user’s screen. The only distinction is that a simulated IP address rather than your own will be disclosed to the website.


That’s how a proxy server works. Now that you know what is a proxy site and how it works, let’s see some of the best free proxy sites that you can use to unblock websites.

Top Free Proxy Sites to Unblock Any Website

Let us discuss the top 18 free proxy sites:

1.    Kproxy

1.	Kproxy

Kproxy, the first one in the 18 free proxy sites. It is a free proxy server used to access websites that have been restricted by school administrators. This website can go around any website with users from everywhere and shield the network from connections made over free WiFi. This one also ensures the users’ security by protecting their passwords, credit card numbers, and other vital information.



  • Provides both cost-free and expensive services
  • 10 public servers located in various nations
  • YouTube is supported by Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Google Chrome.
  • An experience without ads (premium)



Users that cherish their privacy and security highly appreciate the free web proxy site known as a proxy site. Because it uses Secure connections to conceal all traffic travelling through the server, this proxy website is ideal for those who take the security of their data seriously.


It is a free proxy service that is excellent for social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Google+, Imgur, and others. Additionally, YouTube is supported. It is not supported to access Netflix on the web.



  • It is simple and intuitive to use because of the design.
  • Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Google Chrome all support YouTube.
  • A journey without advertisements (premium)
  • To offer more than 20 servers, mostly in the US and Europe, is really kind.

3.    HideMyAss

HideMyAss Top 18 Free Proxy Sites

HideMyAss is a free online proxy that you can use to access almost any site anonymously. You can access online banking websites without any worry about hackers accessing confidential information. It allows you to connect through Random servers in Europe and the US.



  • Both the free and paid versions of HideMyAss are available.
  • Cover IP
  • You can access blocked websites.
  • Banking online securely
  • works with games and apps

4.    4everproxy

4everproxy is a totally free web proxy

With no speed or file size restrictions, 4everproxy is a totally free web proxy that may be used to access blocked apps. You can use it to change your Netflix region and stream YouTube video. The program also allows users to choose a custom IP address from more than 20 different places. Unlimited bandwidth, numerous device connections, and additional server locations are supported by the premium version.



  • It is entirely without cost.
  • IP addresses from over 20 different locations.
  • You can use it to unblock websites and access prohibited material.
  • Custom IP address
  • links between UDP and TCP

5.  CroxyProxy

One of the most reputable proxy websites, CroxyProxy provides both free and paid services. Any type of website, including those that host videos, search engines, social networks, email services, etc., is supported by it. Your privacy can be protected while you are online because it offers an encrypted connection. Additionally, CroxyProxy stops cookies and other information from being saved on your computer.


When trying to access CroxyProxy, you might get a notice saying that “this website cannot be reached” depending on where you are. If so, you can use its Chrome extension to use the proxy in that way or you can first unblock it by connecting to a VPN service like PandaVPN.


  • This service is free.
  • Any website, such as those that host movies, search engines, social networks, email services, etc., can be used.
  • Because it provides an encrypted connection, online privacy is safeguarded.
  • Cookies and other data are prevented from being saved on your computer by CroxyProxy.

6. Zend2

Zend2 is a fast and secure tunnel that helps you unblock websites. It also encrypts your traffic so that your privacy is protected while you are online. You can use this service to access social networks, news sites, and video streaming sites.


  • Free use of this proxy service.
  • It’s a quick, safe tunnel.
  • It can be used to access websites that are blocked and safeguard your online privacy.

7. MegaProxy

Megaproxy is a cutting-edge website proxy

Megaproxy is a cutting-edge website proxy that offers free access to the majority of websites. The free edition of Megaproxy comes with a lot of limitations. For instance, you are only permitted to see 60 web pages or photos in a 24-hour period.


You cannot access online streaming or download movies because media streaming support has been disabled. Web pages like YouTube take a very long time to load. JavaScript, Web SSL, HTTPS, FTP, and more features are supported by the premium version. Additionally, the app provides improved website privacy and security features.



  • Support for HTML/CSS/XHTML
  • online cookie storage remotely
  • Active Script/Flash Web SSL VPN


8. ProxFree

ProxyFree is an amazing proxy site with a lot of flexibility and control. You can get 3 servers from 2 countries, including the US and the UK. The downside is that it has some pop-up ads that many browsers won’t like, but just check it to see if it fits your needs. Furthermore, it is a trusted proxy site.



  • It is free to use this proxy site that enables you to bypass internet restrictions and access blocked websites.
  • You can choose the middle server location.
  • There are many locations worldwide from which you can change your IP address instantly.

9. Hidester

You can access prohibited content with Hidester Top 18 Free Proxy Sites

You can access prohibited content with Hidester. Government and workplace restrictions can be avoided by proxy. Without having to worry about third-party tracking, you can access the website anonymously. The lack of advertisements on this free online proxy is its best feature.



  • protection of privacy
  • Worldwide Access

10. Zend2 Web Proxy

It is a private proxy server for things like streaming movies, using YouTube, downloading software, and using Facebook. Using its secure server, the website makes it simple for users to access prohibited websites, and you can unblock internet sites with ease. All you have to do is type the desired website’s URL into the highlighted field. You can go to the website you wish to visit by clicking on the surf.

11. Whoer

Whoer web proxy is not a free online proxy accessible via the web. Instead, you can get it as a browser extension that you must install on your particular browser. There are no records of your IP connection. This makes it harder for anyone to monitor online activity. Avoiding geographical restrictions, the browser extension provides free access to Tv programs, games, and movies.


  • It is compatible with Yandex, Mozilla, Opera, and Google Chrome browsers.
  • IP address hidden
  • Modify Domain name

12. Oxylabs

The next one from 18 free proxy sites is Oxylabs. Businesses can use the services to maintain secure connections to the websites of opponents without being discovered. It offers a sizable proxy pool. The internet application enables mass data collection for evaluation or decision-making. It provides the top proxies that support cutting-edge functions like IP blocking and AI-based web scraping.


  • 195+ countries and 102 million+ IP servers
  • APIs for web crawlers and e-commerce
  • Server and local proxies

13. VPNBook Proxy

Free Online Proxy:

Sign Up or Not: No

One of the most trustworthy web proxies is VPNBook. The proxy can be used with cutting-edge 256-bit Data encryption. Bypassing even the toughest free expression is now possible thanks to this. You may conceal your IP address using the web browser-based program, enabling anonymous site browsing.


  • You can use VPNBook as a Facebook and YouTube proxy.
  • Numerous other websites in addition to Netflix are supported by the free web proxy VPNBook.
  • There are many server locations to choose from, including those in the US, the UK, Canada, and France.

14. Hotspot Shield

A good proxy app to view blocked content is Hotspot Shield.

A good proxy app to view blocked content is Hotspot Shield. It comes with a built-in defense against dangerous websites and spam emails. Because the program supports OpenVPN, it can connect to routers. Up to 25 connections can be active at once.


A 7-day trial of the proxy app’s premium capabilities is available. With the premium package, you receive free apps like Robo Shield, which blocks spam calls, and 1Password, which manages passwords.



  • Unblocking geo
  • available on routers, Smart TVs, Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and Linux.
  • P2P compatibility Browser add-on

15. NetNut

NetNut is a fantastic program for extracting data from the internet. Without being noticed, the tool can be used to gather data from websites that are in competition utilizing bots. Due to its sophisticated web crawling characteristics, it is designed for gathering market intelligence at a corporate level.


  • proxies that rotate
  • 1,000,000+ static proxies
  • Datacenter proxies with 20 million or more residential IPs

16. ScraperAPI

Website developers that want to incorporate proxy sites into their websites should use ScraperAPI. They can incorporate free proxies into a website using API calls. Additionally, the app supports JS rendering and IP geolocation integration.

The online application supports Node, PHP, Ruby, Python, Java, and Bash API calls. The proxy software ScraperAPI is not free. But if you choose a 7-day free trial, you can try out the features. To test the proxy API, no credit card is necessary.


  • Web Scraping API with Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Over 50 geolocations
  • Over 40 million IPs worldwide


Boom Proxy makes it simple to unblock websites and the internet.

Boom Proxy makes it simple to unblock websites and the internet. You can surf safely behind its dedicated proxy server with its assistance. All websites are processed through its web proxy, which protects them from a number of online risks. The URL can also be encrypted. Remove page titles, accept or reject cookies, and more.


Online proxy service is safe and free. Online, virtually any kind of website can be seen without charge. You can unblock banned websites using the proxy. For simple access to the proxy, you can also use an extension for Chrome or Firefox.



·         Support for IKEv2, OpenVPN, SoftEhter, SOCKS, and SSTP.

·         Torrent assistance.

·         a number of proxy locations

These were 18 best free proxy sites that you can use to unblock websites at school, college, or your workplace. If you have any other suggestions, please let us know in the comments section below.


If any website is blocked, then follow these amazing sites to unblock that site. Do comment and leave your suggestion.


Q. How do I pick the ideal proxy?

Choose tools with characteristics that are beneficial to you when choosing the best proxy for you, such as geo-restriction bypassing, browser extensions, limitless bandwidth, and a huge proxy pool.
If server locations and speeds are important, look into them. If security is more important, look at the encryption strength of the service. Lastly, determine whether the pricing structures of the proxy are appropriate for your needs.

Q. How can a website be unblocked the best?

The greatest method for securely and safely unblocking websites is a VPN. Avast Secure Line VPN and other premium VPN services allow you to choose your server location for the best connection, disguise your IP address, and encrypt your internet data in addition to getting through web-blockers. Additionally, setting up VPNs on mobile devices is simple.

Q. Can you unblock websites legally?

In most nations, using proxies and VPNs to unblock websites is often acceptable and entirely legal. However, it’s virtually always against the law to broadcast or share unlawful content while getting around content filters. While using a VPN to access Netflix or watch TV online is legal, certain providers have been known to block users for breaking their terms of service or circumventing geo-blocking regulations.

Q. Is a reliable torrenting site? is a great option for torrenting because it offers fast download speeds and a SOCKS5 proxy for extra security.

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