Top 10 Best Courses to do web development with Java

10 Best Courses to do web development with Java that you must need to know before doing web development. Web development is a process in which we build and maintain websites. It includes building a single static webpage to designing complex web applications. These web applications run on different servers and web developers are allowed to use different programming languages to create customized and dynamic content and services.
Though web development can be done with different programming languages Java is one of them. To create websites, web applications, and other software technologies on the server-side or client-side, Java is the most comprehensive tool. It is an object-oriented programming language which means it helps developers to create custom code and it provides flexibility. Its syntax is similar to C++ programming language so, it is easy to learn.

10 Best Courses to do web development with Java

Becoming a web developer is not easy. You need to learn all the details including the front-end and back-end. You also need to learn the functions of databases and connectivity. So, you need to study a lot about these things.
There are specific courses that teach all the details related to web development. These courses will give you in-depth and practical knowledge. Some of the best courses are mentioned below.

Java Tutorial for complete beginners

java for beginners
This course provides you with in-depth learning of java which will also help in further upcoming courses. Hence, the start of this course is great. If you do the proper start it is going towards a remarkable end. This course is specifically for those people who want to become full-stack developers in the future and they are looking forward to it. The outlines of this course include Introduction to core java, Collections framework, Tests, Appendix, Source code, and practice.
If you have no knowledge of programming this course is specifically for you. You don’t need any pre-learning for this course you must be fluent in computers to learn this course. There are topic-wise lectures that are further separated into short videos in this course. To keep the track of your performance quizzes will also be held.
The link to join this course is given below:

CS50’s Web Programming with Python and JavaScript (Harvard University)

In this course, you will first start with HTML and CSS. These HTML and CSS languages help in building websites and improving the visuals of websites. Then you will use a tool named Git in web development to take snapshots of code (for backup). To create web applications python will be used and you will also explore its advanced features. You can build interactive web applications with databases using different frameworks like SQL.
Then JavaScript will be used to build dynamic and interactive web pages. The next step is to test the website by different methods to check it’s working it comparing it with industry standards. In the end, you will end this course with different concepts like scalability and security that will help you when you pubic your website.
You will also get a certificate if you complete your course with all the requirements.
If you are interested and want to know more about this course click on the below link.

JavaScript The complete guide 2022 (Beginner & Advanced)

To learn Java for web development, Udemy is providing you with a lot of courses to learn JavaScript, but this course is the most comprehensive. Maximilian Schwarzmuller who is an instructor of Udemy and also the author of two courses i.e. The React Complete Guide and The Angular side created this course. For web developers these two are the most suitable sources. If you are interested in learning JavaScript, the course is up to dated. And it includes the highest-rated course with an average rating of 4.6.
To join this course, the link is given below.

Java Servlets and JSP

To provide project-based learning is the main aim of this course. You must have knowledge and experience in Java before starting this course. If you have completed the previous course then you can easily attend this course.
This course will provide complete learning by giving step-by-step lectures on web development. You will get to know about Java Servlets and JSP.
The outlines of this course include the Basics of web application architecture, forms, requests and responses, Basics of using Maven, Tomcat, and Eclipse, and web application features.
This course will talk about crucial topics like connectivity and the working of web applications. New technologies like Tomcat and Maven will also be introduced. While in the learning phase of java, designing your first application and learning Java applications is like a head start for full-stack developers.
To join this course, the link is given below

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for web developers (Johns Hopkins University)

Johns Hopkins University on Coursera offered this course.
This course is not only about the basics of web development, but also provides you with the opportunity to practice your knowledge in the context of real-world applications and this thing makes it unique from others. You will understand all the things with the reasons and logic behind every theory.
First, you will learn the use of HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap for the creation of modern web pages. Then, you will learn the code of scaling webpages means the rearrangement and resizing of web pages according to the user screen whether it is a smartphone or desktop. Because most people are shifted to smartphones. The course then be finish with the most popular language that is Java. By using the java, you can build the functional web pages that will make use of the Ajax.
Ajax allows the parts of the web pages to be updated. For example, if the user is navigating website the navigation bar will remain the same, main content will only change. It only reloads the main content of website. To retrieve the data from server, Ajax is also used in this task and it automatically updates the content without reloading the page.
To find more information about this course if you are interested and want to get enroll click on the link given below.

The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0
This is a hands on web development course in which you build websites and mobile applications using basic web development technologies using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, MySQL, and many more.
In this course, advanced technologies will also be taught like jQuery and Bootstrap along with basic technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
This course will teach you both front-end and back-end development like writing code for the front-end and back-end. Building responsive websites using different technologies like jQuery, PHP7, MySQL5, and Twitter Bootstrap will also be taught.
If you want to join this course the link is given below.

Introduction to Web Development (University of California, Davis)

University of California, Davis on Coursera offered this course.
This course is basically for the beginners who want to learn about the web development. After completing this course you will able to build your own dynamic website using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This course will prepare you for the advanced courses and specializations.
In the beginning this course will teach you about web structure and web hosting. It will teach about both client-side and server-side development techniques also abbreviations of the web development. Then it will teach you about base language i.e., HTML, HTML tags and codes, and all the styles applied to HTML. It also teaches you to create links, format text, and work with images that you want to put on different web pages.
Then it will teach how to make websites dynamic using JavaScript. It will teach fundamental syntax and writing simple JavaScript programs. JavaScript alerts and prompts, events and how to gather input from user and modify HTML will also b taught.
Then in the next part, styling of the web pages will be taught using CSS that will add different colors in website and different page layouts.
JavaScript and HTML forms the skeleton of the webpage. After learning this course you will be capable of building dynamic website for user interaction and you will be a proficient web developer.
If you want to know more about this course and get enrolled, click below.

The Web Developer Bootcamp by Colt Steele

This course will provide you complete knowledge of web development. All the key web development technologies like JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and Node will teach in this course.
This course is run by a former Bootcamp instructor and also designed in Bootcamp style.
This course is structured and presented, and it makes it unique from other courses. This is not about watching the instructor do the coding. But it will provide you with interactive sessions like doing exercises, demos, theory parts, and research assignments also.
This course is best for beginners if they want to learn web development from start.
If you want to get more information and join this course, click on the link given below.

Programming Foundations with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS (Duke University)

Duke University on Coursera offered this course.

This course is for the beginners who want to learn web development from ground. This course will teach you the languages of the web which are JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. It will basically start from the basics of the programming.
In this course you will first learn the concepts of the algorithms and programming. Then you will learn how to add images, lists, and links in your web pages using HTML and CSS. The basic concepts of programming like variables, methods, conditions, loop, functions will also be taught. The understanding and implementation of green screen algorithm will also be taught.
Then you will apply the knowledge of JavaScript to make your web pages more interactive. You will also learn some different features like buttons, image filters etc.
If you want to learn more and get enrolled in this course, click on the link given below.

Java Database and Connection

In this course you will learn how the work on the back-end in the web development. Therefore, before starting this course you must have knowledge of how to design the front-end pages of websites.
This course is basically about how to connect MySQL with Java. Once you learn this course you will be able to configure database connections with files.
The outlines of this course include Introduction to JDBC, Basic operation and working on metadata, and Database Configuration.
Basic knowledge of MySQL will help you learn this course easily. This course is for the beginners as well as for the advanced learners in the 10 Best Courses to do web development with Java.
If you want to get more information and join this course, click on the link given below.

Final Words

Here are the 10 Best Courses to do web development with Java. Now, journey of Java developer is not easy you must have all the knowledge about back-end and front-end. Then you must know about connectivity and database. But this is not difficult there are many opportunities on internet available today from which you can easily learn all about the web development. Once you learn web development you can build your own website and start your own business.

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