The Redmi Pad Pro Indian variant is now on the Google Play Console

The Redmi Pad Pro Indian variant is now on the Google Play Console

As the Redmi Pad Pro Indian variant makes its way onto the Google Play Console, learn about the most recent advancements. It’s interesting to note that although the underlying chipset supports 5G, the initial release does not. Nevertheless, discoveries on the Google Play Console show that preparations for a 5G version are underway.

Redmi Pad Pro Indian Variant Spotted on Google Play Console

The Redmi Pad Pro 5G has appeared on the Google Play Console listing under the model number “24074RPD2I,” along with the interesting code name “Redmi Ruan.” The model number with an “I” in it indicates that it is the Indian version. The listing reveals Important details, including the Adreno 710 GPU and a Snapdragon 7s Gen 2 engine with four cores clocked at 1.95 GHz and 2.4 GHz.

Specifications and Features

With a screen density of 320 (xhdpi) and a resolution of 1600 x 2560, this stylish tablet is expected to have a vivid display. The anticipation is heightened by expectations of an impressive 8GB RAM and Android 14 out of the box. The tablet also has a 12.1-inch LCD with a refresh rate of 120 Hz, which makes for an engaging viewing experience. Moreover, it has quad speakers with Dolby Atmos and stylus interactivity capability.

Global Debut and Market Variants

With entries for Latin American and international versions seen on the Google Play Console, it appears that the tablet will soon be available everywhere. These versions, which go by the model names “2405CRPFDL” and “2405CRPFDG,” respectively, are ready to serve markets outside of China and follow the trend of Wi-Fi connectivity.

Launch Timeline

Although the precise debut date is still unknown, rumors start to circulate in the wake of Xiaomi’s upcoming April 23 Smarter Living event. The Redmi Pad SE tablet and additional devices, such as the Redmi Buds 5A and a robot vacuum mop, may be unveiled during this event.

Potential Rebranding and Market Strategy

Rumors are circulating that the Redmi Pad Pro may be rebranded, likely to become the Poco Pad tablet in some international regions. This calculated action highlights Xiaomi’s dedication to growing its market share outside of China.


The Redmi Pad Pro is expected to bring exciting new developments to the tablet industry as it makes its way from China to international markets, including India. With its remarkable features and expected specs, together with Xiaomi’s calculated moves, the tablet hopes to create a stir on the international scene by meeting a variety of customer demands. As the of Redmi Pad Pro Indian variant launch draws near, keep a look out for further information that will usher in a new age in the world of portable computing.

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