Tesla CEO backs ketamine for investors' well-being

Tesla CEO backs ketamine for investors’ well-being, 6 Surprising Insights Revealed

Find out why Tesla CEO backs ketamine for investors’ well-being. Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently defended his prescription usage of ketamine, saying it helps him deal with his sporadic depressive episodes. In an open interview with former CNN anchor Don Lemon, Musk justified his use of the medicine, stressing its beneficial effects on his health and, consequently, those of Tesla’s investors.

Managing Mental State

Musk clarified that ketamine is not always associated with bad news events by describing it as useful in battling what he called a “negative chemical state” in his head. He clarified that the medication helps him get through these times so he can continue to be focused and productive despite his hectic work schedule.

Moderate Usage

In response to questions over possible misuse, Musk clarified that he only takes a “small amount” of ketamine under a doctor’s supervision, usually once every other week. He emphasized the need to preserve mental clarity for his demanding work schedule, saying that abusing ketamine would make it more difficult for him to carry out his duties.

Impact on Investors

Musk used Tesla’s impressive sales figures and market value to defend his ongoing ketamine usage, implying that his health had a direct impact on the company’s performance. He underlined the significance of execution in business, saying investors should embrace his strategy as long as he adds to the company’s development and value.

Content Partnership Dispute

Due to the uproar surrounding the interview, X and Lemon’s program was unable to continue their planned content cooperation. The heated discussion between Musk and Lemon on X’s stance on free speech and advertising concerns brought to light underlying conflicts with platform standards.

Advertising Revenue

Musk expressed optimism in X’s future, citing a rebound in advertising and subscription revenue while facing hurdles related to contentious content. He maintained the platform’s dedication to free expression, saying it will never waver from its ideals to please departing sponsors.

Looking Ahead

Elon Musk’s open support of ketamine and his position on platform policies provides insight into his outlook on both his own personal health and the operations of his company. Even if there could be controversy and conflicts, Musk is unwavering in his dedication to fostering innovation and upholding a platform that supports freedom of speech.


Elon Musk’s open support of ketamine use highlights the increasing acceptability among well-known people of unconventional therapies for mental health problems. Even in the face of criticism and financial pressure, his persistent stance on platform regulations demonstrates his devotion to establishing an atmosphere that is favorable to free expression. Musk’s actions are certain to spark further discussion and controversy in the tech sector as well as in larger society as he continues to negotiate the difficult convergence of business leadership and personal wellbeing.

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