Telegram is overcoming WhatsApp with business-focused Features 2024

Telegram is overcoming WhatsApp with business-focused Features 2024

With its most recent improvements and cutting-edge features, Telegram is overcoming WhatsApp in the rapidly evolving messaging app market.

Telegram is overcoming WhatsApp by adding Sticker Editor

The most recent version of Telegram has a Sticker Editor that lets users add unique stickers and sets to their chats. With the use of this function, users can easily add text, drawings, emojis, and GIFs to images to turn them into stickers. Users can easily create, curate, and share sticker sets using an intuitive UI, which improves the conversational experience.

Business-Focused Features

Telegram has recently introduced more feature-rich business accounts in response to the increasing demand for commercial communication solutions. Companies may personalize their start page, mark their location, show their operation hours, and save pre-written messages for fast answers. By streamlining communications between companies and clients, these features hope to increase accessibility and engagement.

Revenue Sharing for Channel Owners

By giving channel owners a 50% cut of the money made from advertisements that are shown on their channels, Telegram is empowering them. This action encourages the production of content and cultivates a vibrant community of producers. Telegram is well-positioned for future expansion and success because of its dedication to profitability and the possibility of an upcoming IPO.

WhatsApp’s Response, Introducing Channels

Concurrently, Meta-owned WhatsApp is bringing its one-to-many broadcasting tool, Channels, to more than 150 nations. WhatsApp Channels function similarly to Telegram’s channels in that they let users get updates from businesses, organizations, and artists all in one place. WhatsApp strives to improve users’ broadcasting experience with features like enhanced directory filtering and emoji replies.

WhatsApp’s Future Feature, Polls

Additionally, WhatsApp is developing a feature called Polls that will enable users to conduct end-to-end encrypted polls inside of group conversations. Although this feature is similar to Telegram’s current features, adding it to WhatsApp would make group decision-making easier and result in a more effective communication tool.

Channels on WhatsApp, Bridging Communication Gaps

WhatsApp’s Channels launch marks a move toward more extensive communication features, converting the service into a versatile instrument for private and public usage. WhatsApp wants to compete with Telegram’s well-established channel functionality by allowing users to form channels focused on particular themes and reach a wider audience.


The world of digital communication is changing as Telegram is overcoming WhatsApp. Telegram’s creative improvements and business-friendly features make it a strong rival to WhatsApp as messaging applications continue to develop. By prioritizing user engagement, income sharing, and broadening communication channels, Telegram is poised to surpass WhatsApp in 2024 and usher in a new era of messaging app supremacy.

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