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Spotify launches personalized AI playlists that you can build using prompts

Spotify has introduced a beta version of its AI playlists, enabling users to create personalized AI playlists based on written prompts, alongside its AI DJ feature.

Availability and Features

AI playlists will provide a wide range of custom options beyond traditional genres or time frames, and they will be initially available to Android and iOS users in the U.K. and Australia. Playlists for hobbies, emotions, or even situations, such as fending off a zombie apocalypse, can be requested by users.

Customization and Refinement

Users can add more touches to a playlist by giving commands to change the mood or mix of genres, for example, after it is created. Spotify improves personalisation by using its knowledge of users’ preferences to customize playlists.

Technology Behind AI Playlists

Large language models (LLMs) are used by Spotify to comprehend user requests and use personalization technology to respond to them. Its AI and machine learning efforts are complemented by third-party tools, which guarantee a flawless user experience.

Development and Confirmation

In 2023, rumors about Spotify’s AI playlist development first surfaced. The company subsequently verified these reports. Reverse engineering revealed the feature’s existence before it was formally confirmed.

Accessing personalized AI Playlists

By tapping the plus sign and choosing “AI Playlist,” users can access AI playlists, which are located under the “Your Library” tab. Spotify encourages creativity and specificity by giving users the option to create their own prompts or use the default ones.

Expansion and Restrictions

Spotify intends to extend the feature worldwide, initially only available to Premium users in the United Kingdom and Australia. Guardrails guarantee a positive user experience by preventing offensive prompts or those focused on current affairs or brands.


Spotify’s personalized AI-playlists are a revolutionary development in the field of customized music selection. I’m excited about the possibility of making personalized playlists using prompts that are based on my tastes and hobbies. This cutting-edge feature not only improves the listening experience but also demonstrates Spotify’s dedication to using technology to deliver personalized content.

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