Solana Surpasses $150 Resistance Level, What Comes Next

Solana Surpasses $150 Resistance Level, What Comes Next?

Solana surpasses $150 resistance level, this breakthrough marks a significant milestone, potentially signaling the start of a bullish phase. This level had been a crucial barrier separating bullish and bearish market sentiments. However, the accompanying decline in trading volume raises concerns about the strength of this upward move.

Solana surpasses $150 resistance level

The current situation suggests that while Solana has breached the $150 mark, the lack of strong trading volume could indicate a lack of conviction among investors. This raises questions about the sustainability of Solana’s price above this level. If trading volume does not pick up, there is a risk that the break above $150 may not hold, potentially leading to a price correction.

Additionally, Solana faces significant resistance from the 26-day and 50-day EMAs, which are currently overhead. These levels must be convincingly surpassed, ideally with increased trading volume, to maintain Solana’s upward momentum. Failure to do so could trigger a bearish reversal.

Solana’s new support level

To sustain its growth, Solana must establish a new support level above $150 and successfully overcome the resistance posed by the EMAs. A break above the 26-day EMA at around $160 and the 50-day EMA could pave the way for further price gains, with $170 being the next psychological resistance level.

Looking ahead, Solana’s price trajectory will depend on various factors, including market sentiment post-halving, project developments, and the ability of buyers to sustain higher prices. The influence of meme coins on Solana’s price cannot be overlooked, as they could serve as a strong catalyst.

Overall, Solana’s price action presents an intriguing yet precarious situation. While the recent breakthrough is promising, the cryptocurrency will need substantial buying support, especially given the current state of the market. The possibility of a reversal remains a concern, highlighting the need for caution in the current environment.


To conclude, Solana surpasses $150 resistance level which is a significant development that could signal the beginning of a bullish phase. However, the lack of strong trading volume and the presence of significant resistance levels, such as the 26-day and 50-day EMAs, suggest caution is warranted. The sustainability of Solana’s price above $150 will depend on factors such as increasing trading volume, market sentiment post-halving, and the ability to establish new support levels.

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