Sam Altman gives up control of OpenAI Startup Fund

Sam Altman gives up control of OpenAI Startup Fund, resolving unusual corporate venture structure

Discover why Sam Altman gives up control of OpenAI Startup Fund. OpenAI established the OpenAI Startup Fund in 2021, with Sam Altman serving as its initial manager. This fund sought to invest in AI-driven startups in early stages in a range of industries. Concerns were raised by Altman’s role as the fund’s controller, particularly in light of his November temporary termination from OpenAI.

Transition of Control

OpenAI verified that Ian Hathaway has officially assumed control of the corporate venture fund from Sam Altman, marking a noteworthy development. Hathaway was instrumental in managing the Startup Fund and spearheading investments in businesses like Ambience Healthcare, Cursor, Harvey, and Speak. She joined OpenAI in 2021. This move signifies a strategic change in the fund’s management structure.,set%20up%20with%20Altman%20as%20its%20named%20controller.

Fund Growth and Investor Backing

As per SEC filings, the OpenAI Startup Fund, which was initially supported by $175 million in commitments, has now amassed $325 million in gross net asset value. Microsoft and additional outside backers are among the investors. The fund’s diverse industry investments demonstrate its commitment to fostering AI-driven innovation in cutting-edge industries.

Unique Fund Structure and Objectives

The OpenAI Startup Fund is not like other corporate venture funds; it is managed and structured differently. Altman raised the fund from outside partners, and it was managed internally rather than by a third party. This innovative strategy seeks to support AI innovation in its early stages while utilizing outside alliances for financial and other resources.

Reasons for Transition

OpenAI explained that the original GP hierarchy, in which Altman served as the controller, was a provisional setup. Despite OpenAI’s involvement in the fund, Altman possessed neither a personal nor financial interest in it. The handover of control to Hathaway is in line with the fund’s long-term goals and offers clarity.

Significance and Future Prospects

Altman’s departure occurs while OpenAI is having a lot of activity, especially with Microsoft. Initiatives such as the $100 billion data center project, which includes the AI supercomputer known as “Stargate,” demonstrate the company’s dedication to promoting AI research and development worldwide.


Sam Altman made a calculated decision to give up control of the startup fund in order to make sure that everything was clear and in line with the fund’s long-term goals. With a strong investment portfolio and partnerships, the fund is well-positioned to keep funding innovative AI-driven startups and promoting creativity in important industries.

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