Rekt Capital Discusses the 3 Phases of Bitcoin Halving

Rekt Capital Discusses the 3 Phases of Bitcoin Halving

Rekt Capital discusses the 3 phases of Bitcoin Halving. Rekt Capital’s analysis provides a detailed breakdown of how Bitcoin’s halving event impacts its price and market behavior, highlighting three key phases in the process.

3 Phases of Bitcoin Halving

These three phases discussed are the pre-halving retrace, the re-accumulation phase, and the parabolic uptrend.

Phase 1: Pre-Halving Retrace

Phase 1, known as the pre-halving retrace, occurs before the halving event. This phase is characterized by a noticeable drop in Bitcoin’s price, which is seen as a crucial step in setting the stage for what comes next.

Rekt Capital notes that in the most recent cycle, this drop was around 23.6%, which is less severe compared to previous cycles. This phase is seen as necessary as it helps establish a new price range, known as the re-accumulation range, which serves as a foundation for future price movements.

Phase 2: Re-accumulation Phase

Phase 2, the re-accumulation phase, takes place after the halving event. During this phase, Bitcoin’s price tends to consolidate within a specific range, exhibiting sideways movements and occasional pullbacks.

This phase is crucial as it helps stabilize the market after the volatility of the pre-halving period. However, it can also test investors’ patience, as the lack of significant price movements may lead to disillusionment or boredom among market participants.

Phase 3: Parabolic Uptrend

Phase 3, the parabolic uptrend, marks the final phase of the cycle. In this phase, Bitcoin’s price breaks out of the re-accumulation range and begins a period of rapid growth. Historically, this uptrend has lasted just over a year, around 385 days. However, Rekt Capital suggests that the current market conditions could lead to a shorter cycle duration.

Overall, Rekt Capital’s analysis provides valuable insights into how the halving event impacts Bitcoin’s price and market behavior, highlighting the importance of understanding these phases for investors and traders alike.


To conclude, Rekt Capital discusses the 3 phases of Bitcoin halving and this analysis sheds light on the intricate phases of Bitcoin halving, offering a valuable framework for understanding its price dynamics. By comprehending these phases, investors and traders can make more informed decisions, navigating the cryptocurrency market with greater confidence and insight.

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