OpenAI Revealing Secret Instructions, a peek behind the curtain

OpenAI Revealing Secret Instructions, a peek behind the curtain

OpenAI Revealing Secret Instructions clarifies the complex rules governing ChatGPT and similar AI models. Despite their versatility, these models lack inherent constraints, leaving them manipulated. Establishing clear limits for their interactions is crucial.

Determining what an AI should and shouldn’t do presents several ethical dilemmas. For example, should AI refrain from producing inaccurate information about public personalities or maintain objectivity when making product recommendations, even in the face of possible conflicts of interest?

OpenAI’s Approach

To address these issues, OpenAI created a set of high-level guidelines known as the “model spec,” which obliquely controls how its AI models behave. These policies, which represent the organization’s priorities and edge case management, include hard limitations, meta-level objectives, and general behavioural norms.

Developer Intent as Priority

Developer intent is the primary guiding concept, according to OpenAI. As a result, when a developer gives a chatbot instructions to avoid answering specific questions directly, the bot will provide alternatives, including walking users through procedures to solve problems.

Ensuring Integrity

OpenAI’s conversational interfaces may decline to participate in inappropriate subjects or activities as a precaution against manipulation. The goal of this proactive strategy is to stop abuse and preserve the integrity of the AI’s interactions.

Privacy and Sensitivity

OpenAI Revealing Secret Instructions also addresses the critical aspect of navigating privacy concerns. While readily providing certain information like contact details of public figures, the model carefully considers the ethical implications of disclosing personal information about others.

Challenges and Evolution

The process of establishing and implementing these policies is difficult and prone to unforeseen events and failures on occasion. OpenAI recognises that these guidelines are dynamic and that they must be continuously improved in order to address new issues.


The initiative of OpenAI Revealing Secret Instructions marks a significant step towards responsible AI development. By openly discussing the ethical considerations and decision-making processes behind AI behavior, OpenAI fosters trust and encourages collaboration within the AI community. This transparency is essential for building ethical AI systems that align with societal values and serve the common good.

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