Nvidia Surpasses Apple at $3.01 trillion to become the 2nd-most-valuable company in the world

Nvidia Surpasses Apple at $3.01 trillion to become the 2nd-most-valuable company in the world

As Nvidia Surpasses Apple With its market value, Nvidia’s incredible rise in the computer industry reached new heights, making the chipmaker the second valuable corporation in the world. Nvidia’s $3.01 trillion market capitalization highlights the company’s leadership in the AI competition.

Dominance of AI and Market Cap Growth

As Nvidia surpasses Apple, it solidifies its position as a dominant force in the tech industry. With the release of its flagship H100 processor, Nvidia has increased its market capitalization. The corporation surpassed digital behemoths like Amazon and Alphabet as its market capitalization soared from $1 trillion in May 2023 to over $2 trillion in February of the following year.

Record Profits and Stock Split

Nvidia reported an astounding $14 billion profit in May, driven by the strong demand for its chips. To make its stock more accessible to investors, Nvidia intends to split its shares on June 7th, even though it is now trading for more than $1,220 per share.

Market Share and Upcoming Projects

With a market share of between 70% and 95%, Nvidia’s AI accelerators dominate the industry for AI chips. Nvidia is well-positioned to continue leading the industry with its plans to release new AI chips every year, beginning with the Blackwell B200 GPU later this year.

Consequences and Prospects

Nvidia’s exponential stock gains, up by nearly 147% since the year’s commencement, reflect the market’s growing recognition of the company’s critical role in influencing the direction of AI computing. Nvidia surpasses Apple in terms of market capitalization, solidifying its status as a key player in the tech industry. In a move to make itself more accessible to ordinary investors, Nvidia is preparing to split its stock, a decision that is expected to accelerate its growth trajectory further.


Nvidia surpasses Apple which underscores the significant role of advancing technical innovation, particularly in AI. Nvidia’s ascent is a testament to its record profitability and market dominance and its ambitious plans to push the boundaries of computing. With its strong position, Nvidia is poised to remain a dominant force in the computer sector for years to come, shaping the future of AI-driven technologies and influencing various industries.

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