Monport Introduces Split Fiber Laser Engravers

Monport Introduces Split Fiber Laser Engravers

Monport Introduces Split Fiber Laser Engravers – Monport Laser, a leading company in laser engraving technology, has recently unveiled their latest innovation – the advanced split fiber laser engraver. This new model builds upon their previous fiber laser engraver and is designed to provide professionals in the industry with an enhanced laser engraving experience. In this article, we will explore the key features of this new product and how it simplifies operations and enhances safety.

Monport Split Fiber Laser Engravers

The upgraded split fiber laser engraver stands out with its simplified operation. It now incorporates features like an emergency button, a second protective lock key, and an integral switch button. These additions allow users to start and shut down the machine with a single key, saving valuable time compared to the previous model, which required multiple steps. Additionally, the machine is equipped with an emergency shutdown button, ensuring quick responses in case of unforeseen situations. This improvement significantly enhances emergency response capabilities.

Enhanced Safety Measures

Monport Laser has made significant efforts to enhance the safety and security of the equipment. The introduction of a second protective lock key adds an extra layer of protection, giving users peace of mind. Furthermore, the new model includes triple safety protection, which consists of an emergency button, a physical key switch, and a pair of fans. These safety features ensure stable and secure operation, reducing the risk of accidents.

Upgraded Cooling and Power

Monport has placed a strong focus on optimizing heat dissipation in the new split fiber laser engraver. The inclusion of dual fans within the machine significantly improves heat dissipation, ensuring stable operation and extending the equipment’s lifespan. Additionally, the power supply has been upgraded to enhance stability, incorporate voltage adjustment to 110/220v, and reduce potential issues associated with voltage fluctuations.

Simplified Assembly Process

Compared to the previous Monport fiber laser model that required extensive assembly, the new split fiber laser engraver can be quickly assembled with minimal assistance. Upon receiving the machine, the handle is the only component that needs to be assembled. This streamlined assembly process ensures that users can get their laser engraving operation up and running more swiftly and easily.


The upgraded Monport split fiber laser engraver represents a significant advancement in the field of laser engraving technology. Its simple yet powerful selling point, “One-button operation, double safety, super heat dissipation, simpler, safer, and more stable,” underscores its game-changing capabilities for the industry. This innovation not only simplifies operations but also enhances safety and security, making it an excellent choice for professionals in the laser engraving field. With Monport’s commitment to quality and user satisfaction, this new product is set to provide a superior laser engraving experience compared to the previous fiber laser model.

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