MetaMask Introduces Pooled Staking for More Affordable Ethereum Validation

MetaMask Introduces Pooled Staking for More Affordable Ethereum Validation

MetaMask, the leading Ethereum wallet, is introducing a pooled staking feature this week to make Ethereum staking more accessible and cost-effective. The new pooled staking feature aims to lower this entry threshold, enabling more users to contribute to the blockchain’s security and earn rewards without needing to operate a full validator node.

Pooled Staking

This is an investment strategy that allows users to stake their ETH by pooling resources with others. This method ensures network security and offers staking rewards. Matthieu Saint Olive, senior product manager at MetaMask developer Consensys, stated,

“With Pooled Staking, MetaMask users now have an easy way to stake ETH in enterprise-grade validators while maintaining full control of their ETH, earning rewards, and enhancing Ethereum’s security.” Traditionally, participating in Ethereum staking required a substantial investment of around $112,000 (32 ETH), which posed a barrier for many users.

Metamask Competitors

While this feature is a welcome addition for retail traders who wish to stake, trade, and monitor their investments within a single interface, MetaMask still lags behind some of its competitors.

Platforms like Lido and Rocket Pool, which already offer these services, provide additional functionalities such as liquid staking tokens (LSTs). These LSTs, like Lido-staked ETH (stETH), can be borrowed, loaned, or reinvested into decentralized finance protocols, adding a layer of flexibility and utility for users.

Metamask Staking Feature

MetaMask’s new staking feature will initially not be available in the U.S. or UK. However, Consensys has plans to eventually launch it in these regions. Despite this limitation and the absence of its own LST, the introduction of pooled staking on MetaMask is poised to democratize access to Ethereum staking and enhance the overall security of the network.


To conclude, MetaMask’s introduction of pooled staking marks a significant step towards making Ethereum staking more accessible and affordable. While it still lacks some advanced features offered by competitors, this initiative democratizes staking opportunities and enhances the network’s security. As Consensys plans to expand availability, MetaMask users can look forward to a more inclusive and robust staking experience.

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