Meta Smart Glasses Are Artificially Intelligent

Meta Smart Glasses Are Artificially Intelligent. We Took Them for a Spin.

Read this article to know how Meta Smart Glasses are artificially intelligent and serve different purpose. Meta is about to release an innovative update that incorporates state-of-the-art AI technology into its Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses. The goal of this update is to turn the glasses into a science fiction machine that can perceive and describe the environment around its wearer, much like the AI assistant in the film “Her.”

How Meta Smart Glasses Are Artificially Intelligent?

The $300 Ray-Ban Meta glasses are mainly used as a platform for taking pictures, recording videos, and playing music. But now that new AI software has been released, these glasses have the potential to be multipurpose instruments. The glasses can identify animal breeds, exotic fruits, landmarks, translate languages, and carry out several other tasks thanks to the A.I. software.

Seamless Integration

The Meta glasses’ AI is meant to be simple to use. Wearers only need to say “Hey, Meta,” followed by a command or query, to start the assistant. Then, using the built-in speakers in the glasses, the AI speaks back to the wearer, answering questions and giving information.

Early Access and Testing

Intrigued by Meta’s new AI update, tech columnists Brian X. Chen and Mike Isaac were given early access to the technology. They thoroughly tested the glasses in a variety of real-world settings over a few weeks, offering insightful information about their performance and functionality.

Performance Evaluation

Even though the AI on the Meta glasses demonstrated remarkable abilities like accurately identifying pets and artwork it wasn’t perfect. There was room for improvement as difficulties were encountered when attempting to identify far-off zoo animals and exotic fruits. Additionally, only English, Spanish, Italian, French, and German language translation support was available.


I’m excited that Meta has included artificial intelligence into their smart glasses, the Ray-Ban Meta. This development not only demonstrates how AI can transform commonplace experiences, but it also ushers in a new era of augmented reality innovation. I have high hopes for wearable technology, even with its current limitations, and I look forward to more developments from Meta as they continue to hone their A.I. skills.

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