Meta plans to train AI using European social media posts

Meta plans to train AI using European social media posts

Explore Meta plans to train AI with posts from European social media. The firm that created Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, Meta Platforms, just revealed that it will begin training its generative artificial intelligence (AI) models on publicly available social media content from Europe. This is a big step toward bringing their data usage habits in Europe in line with those across the globe.

Meta plans to train AI Models

European Union (EU) users will use publicly shared content on Facebook and Instagram to train Meta’s Llama big language models. The business clarified that messages and private posts exchanged with friends will not be utilized. The Chief Product Officer of Meta stated that since the release of the most recent versions of Llama in April, they had been developing a suitable strategy for Europe.

Facebook and Instagram users in the EU and the UK started receiving notifications from Meta in June about how their public information will be used to advance and enhance AI. However, advocacy groups like None of Your Business (NYOB) have opposed this move, claiming that EU privacy standards require users to give explicit opt-in consent and that the notifications are insufficient.

Data Privacy Challenges

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other strict EU data privacy rules allow people a great deal of control over their data. This has made Meta’s efforts to include European data into their AI training procedures more difficult. Using public content is crucial for correctly comprehending regional languages, customs, and hot issues, according to Meta, despite these difficulties.

To prohibit Meta from exploiting user data for AI training without the necessary authorization, NYOB has lodged complaints with eleven national privacy watchdogs throughout Europe. In response, Meta has said that its strategy conforms with applicable privacy laws and is in line with methods used by other significant tech companies like Google and OpenAI.

Meta’s Broader AI Training Efforts

Meta is working to improve its generative AI skills, and one of its initiatives is to use European social media content for AI training. In the US and other countries, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp have already incorporated the company’s AI assistant feature; however, this has not yet happened in Europe.

Future Developments

Meta is in consultation with the EU’s principal privacy regulator, the Irish Data Protection Commission, on regulatory concerns. In addition, Meta IBM and other top firms have formed an AI Alliance to support ethical AI innovation and development.


As Meta plans to train AI bring to light the continuous discussions and issues related to data privacy and AI advancement. Although the business hopes to enhance its AI models by incorporating the various languages and cultures of European users, it first needs to comply with stringent privacy laws and obtain permission from consumers before moving further. Legal and legislative events will probably continue to analyze and shape Meta’s approach to AI training and data protection in Europe as the situation develops.

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