Lightroom AI Removes Background Lurkers, New Feature Update

Lightroom AI Removes Background Lurkers, New Feature Update

Lightroom AI Removes Background Lurkers specifically targets and eliminates unwanted individuals or objects lurking in the background of photos, providing users with cleaner compositions. Lens Blur creates a 3D depth map to determine the blur point and applies bokeh effects to images after they are taken.

Enhancing Existing Tools

With the addition of the Generative Remove feature, Lightroom’s spot healing tool—previously restricted to minor blemishes—can now tackle larger items. This artificial intelligence tool blends in the background, even with intricate designs.

Lens Blur Details  

With the Lens Blur function, photographers can retroactively change the blur point while still producing visually appealing blur effects. With the tools already in place, users can manually adjust the automatic filters if they don’t apply correctly.

Additional Features

Beyond advances in AI, Adobe has made tethering capability for a few Sony cameras available, allowing for instantaneous photo evaluations in studio settings on larger screens. Moreover, HDR optimization has been improved to produce powerful, high-contrast photographs. Additionally, the Lightroom AI removes background lurkers suggesting a feature aimed at enhancing photo subjects by automatically removing distracting elements from the background.

Availability and Integration

Lightroom AI Removes Background Lurkers is now part of the suite, allowing users to remove unwanted elements from photos with precision. Generative Remove is an early access feature, and Lightroom users can also use Photoshop’s generative AI tools.

Adobe Firefly Integration

Designed for realistic, high-quality outcomes, Adobe Firefly powers Adobe Firefly Integration Generative Remove. Since its launch, Firefly has been incorporated into several Adobe products to improve creative workflows, producing more than 8 billion photos.

Dedication to Responsible AI

Adobe continues its commitment to AI ethics with features like Lightroom AI Removes Background Lurkers, ensuring user privacy and security. This advancement underscores Adobe’s dedication to accountability and transparency in AI developments, further supported by the Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI). With CAI’s Content Credentials, tamper-evident information is automatically attached to photos modified with Generative Remove, fostering consumer confidence in digital content.


The most recent AI improvements made by Adobe to Lightroom, such as Lens Blur and the innovative Lightroom AI Removes Background Lurkers, are designed to make editing workflows more efficient and provide strong capabilities for both amateur and professional photographers. These capabilities demonstrate Adobe’s dedication to innovation and appropriate AI use in creative processes, as does the company’s support for tethering and HDR optimization.

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